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F I L L I P O 23-07-05 17:41

Rajab Dyno Day Review + Pics
thought id start a thread :D

F I L L I P O 23-07-05 17:42

F I L L I P O 23-07-05 17:42

jetmir 23-07-05 17:50

monday to friday cars.. lol
so how was it? what kinda power figures did the vl's pull up?

OVL087 23-07-05 17:52

nice pics

CHAYSR 23-07-05 18:29

Nice work

WoG-VLT 23-07-05 18:46

im uploading pics now

JET_LAG 23-07-05 19:00

Yeah was a good day, got some pics ill post them later, what is happening 2 night?...cruising?

vlgmh8 23-07-05 19:02

great day. so many good car.. Big thanks to Rajab, hamoud and ali. great work. hope theres another one soon..

Methz 23-07-05 19:07

looks good man, got any results?

GRN-747 23-07-05 19:07

it was a very big turn out like it, lots of vls there some nice ones too
so um... when and where the next dyno day at jpc or pet LOL whos gonna orginise it

[HAMOUD] 23-07-05 19:20

it was a top day thanks to everyone that came and comon this is a pics thread show us whats on offer...was very happy with the turnout every1 was behaved so there was no cop drama's at all...

No1TopGun 23-07-05 19:25

how many of those cars actually went on dyno?

[HAMOUD] 23-07-05 19:26

big thanks to ali (itsnotali), pnp media (fatih),allan and bill rajab for giving us there shop and all the boys that helped out!

[HAMOUD] 23-07-05 19:27

41 cars on dyno

JET_LAG 23-07-05 19:32

who won the raffel? what did the person pick?...

duz360 23-07-05 19:33

anyone got a pic from a distance of that street with them all parked there?

PNP 23-07-05 19:34

turnout was massive... as this was our first ever event i think the day was a good success... brett`s vl is F***** awsome... awsome color on it.. overall great cars & many thanks to the local police who stuck around and mingled with everyone :) will have vids and pics up later...

its.not.ali 23-07-05 19:38

im edditng my pics now.. big crowd.. wonderful day..

i think the highest output from a vl was bretts with 308rwkw! was crazy!! saw some very nice cars out.

the turbo was given as the 1st price. i'll post of pic of the winner later.

a big thanks to the boys at rajab for holding such an event!! we all had a good time

HATE-IT 23-07-05 19:43

awesome day well done to all the organisers and the rajab crew..

[HAMOUD] 23-07-05 19:47

thanks hehehe

Rb30et87 23-07-05 20:17

hopefully there will be some more pics and vids to come

[HAMOUD] 23-07-05 20:29

Sav 23-07-05 20:34

nice hamoud :)

X-RB3-747 23-07-05 20:34

Looked like a good day, pity the weather was so ****e.
How come none of the Rajab cars went on the dyno (ie ITUFRB, GAS747, DUZ10S, the red twin turbo VL etc etc)?

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