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mdbvlct 01-05-08 17:56

Sister Thread to Woohooo
well due to sertain so n so's getting my last thread shut down heres the sister 1 ,

(pics of motor in thread:woohooo)

Update: well ive ordered a set of simmons fr-18's but will be atleast 4-6 weeks before they get here :( , also started getting my new turbo sorted it WILL BE T04Z but gotta speak to the guy again tmoro to discuss exactly what variations i want my new turbo to have for my set up - larger stall will also be going in with in the next 2 months also prolly 4500 , so if ne 1 is chasing a 6 month old 3k stall there will be 1 available with in the next 2-3 months

remember this is my thread , if u do not like my thread ,stay the f?ck outa my thread!! and keep ur negative comments to ya self!

VLWAGONIT 01-05-08 21:09

ra ra ra negative coments lol

JB90 01-05-08 21:32

what colour did you get in the simmons?
and how much did you pay if you dont mind me asking?

mdbvlct 01-05-08 21:36

ahaha , cheers again for the power window motors,

also guys im chasing a new dash surround .. the bit that starts under and to the side of the main vents on dash dwn the side of climate control under ash tray up and stops flush to the steering colum the bit u mount ya fone cradel to ect ect,i need a blue 1 for my blue interior vlc will pay cash thnx

yea mate just the grey/silver ones(dunno exactly what the colour's called) .. not goin gold thoe , ahh yea mate setting me back round 4.5k with rubber havent got a final figure yet as the rims wont be here for 4-6 weeks so i got that time to line up sum rubber to suit ..

JB90 01-05-08 21:47

jeeez, you pay the price for the best!!
car seems to be goin well, good luck with it.

mdbvlct 01-05-08 21:51

yes you do pay for the best my wallet is gonna cop a floggin in the next 2 n a bit months :( thnx for the comment

genki 02-05-08 04:04


i wouldnt mind getting a set of FR19s, in silver.

but the price is bullsh*t. i dont know why they charge so much :/
even 2nd hand... theyre very expensive :mad: even japanese lightweight rims (brand names like work, rays/volk etc etcetc...) arent as expensive, and theyre usually wider, look better etc.. but ohwell its the downsides to owning a locally built car :(

cant wait to see some pics of ur car with the FRs and t04z. goodluck with it ;) wish i could get some rims.. but the money im going to be getting soon will be going to more engine/gearbox related sh*t :'(

mdbvlct 02-05-08 13:55

lol genki .. just be a good boy this yr n u might get sum fr-18's dropping dwn ya chimney this dec lol

genki 03-05-08 05:39


Originally Posted by mdbvlct
lol genki .. just be a good boy this yr n u might get sum fr-18's dropping dwn ya chimney this dec lol

id be happy if there was an engine in my car last chrismas, let alone this year ;)


VLT 88 03-05-08 10:27

sounds good!

DeVL 03-05-08 21:15

I dont like it.....

mdbvlct 03-05-08 22:52

i apoligise pete

VLT 88 10-05-08 15:43

any updates?

mdbvlct 10-05-08 18:06

nuh .. still waiting on rims ... n turbo/stall will be on by jun/jul ... same ol.

genki 12-05-08 02:09

still havent seen any exterior pics of this car..


mdbvlct 12-05-08 15:57

yea i got sum good ones on my camera but dunno how to get em up :( ill keep trying

mdbvlct 18-05-08 14:00

UPDATE:took the old girl out for a good drive last night ... first proper drive its been on since new turb ect ect .... lit em up for a few secs at 68kph @low boost (14psi).. more than happy wid the way she goes now :D custom shelf will be in soon (thanx dayne) im gonna try n make it dwn the plex this wed ... just gotta get a helmet n my $hit together .. new 4500 stall & t04z will be on by round jun/jul but to be honest im happy with the way the car is for now but meh .. its never enough still photobuket dusnt like me n dusnt co-operate wid me so still no ext piks,oh n im looking to go back to a stock vlc steering wheel so if any one has a good cndtn 1 let me know n its sold ,

Oliver 18-05-08 14:11

I got a couple of ext pics from when you were at mine I'll put them up when I'm home if you want?... :)

mdbvlct 18-05-08 14:32

cheer$ mate would appretiate it :D :D ... u wouldnt by chance have the steering wheel im after ol ?

Oliver 18-05-08 14:36

Only got beige steering wheels... If i see a blue one on my travels I'll grab it for ya.

Oliver 20-05-08 17:35

Thought I had more but here is one...

Xibit0r 20-05-08 18:27

Nismo sticker? Anyway looks clean as... Few people would love to have a bonnet lining like that including me!

mdbvlct 20-05-08 18:33

lol thanx ol ... XibitOr: yea i just baught the car in nov 06 n being my first turbs car got excited 1 day wen in the j-shop n saw the shinny new nismo badge n couldnt resist lol ... but its getting respreyed soon that strip is broken i think thats y it sits slightly raised right side so ill be getting a new 1 with calais strip :D

..... damn that pik makes me cooler look big

dceptv 20-05-08 20:35


Originally Posted by Xibit0r
Nismo sticker? Anyway looks clean as... Few people would love to have a bonnet lining like that including me!

lol mine ended up in a bonfire!

mdbvlct 20-05-08 20:57


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