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VLT87Kal 21-12-13 15:20

pit inspectors and changing
Does anybody on here no wether or not once uv seen one inspector if its possible to see some one else? As my first inspector is on holidays for a month

Xibit0r 21-12-13 16:01

yep, but the work order will carry over

VLT87Kal 21-12-13 20:12

Yer thats fine I just need to find someone working over the next week

VLWAGONIT 21-12-13 22:00

did you get a sticker or just for engineering or something?

VLT87Kal 22-12-13 14:36

Sticker jack but on my rodeo not my vl

SHAUNUS 23-12-13 11:07

Joe, from my experience they don't like too (in Kal)...However, as your guy is away I'm sure you will be fine. If you get stuck try the old bloke out in Coolgardie. He's meant to be quiet lenient.

My old WRX got stickered for the wheels...Got it inspected with standard 17's on then the db added exhaust, ride height etc to the list... Was fuming to say the least.

_vendetta 24-12-13 07:39

I've done it in Perth (went to Rocko to get the list, wasn't happy with it so went somewhere else to get the list signed off) so I don't see why you couldn't do the same in Kal.

VLT87Kal 25-12-13 15:45

Shaun I heard that bloke in coolgardie shutdown? All sorted now anyway I spoke to separate inspector and hes fine with existing list, cheers guys

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