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Geniee 31-07-15 22:32

Any Vic meet / activity ?
Hey, ive been out of the whole car cruise scene for quite a while.... used to go on MelbCCR and all that crap back in the day,
anything happening these days ?
I went on the last Vic VLs only cruise.... juts wondering if anything else was happening? need an excuse to get the old girl out.....

I know there is a Holden classic showroom museum type thing in Trafalgar.... thats a decent 1.5 hour trip.... maybe we could give them a head up and do a ride down to them on a sat or something?
It would prob blow their minds having 100 VLTs rock up in their town... but i rekon it would be pretty cool. plus it would give us a decent run on the highway too....

BigM22 31-07-15 22:42

There's no real VL specific stuff anymore, besides those VL only cruises once every few months.
There's a few chrome bumper type meets that happen weekly, i think ones called saturday night live. Down at eastlink southbound servo, VLs qualify to be able to show up lol.

I like the trafalgar idea though :)

Geniee 31-07-15 22:47

oh yea,
In a way, im kinda over the whole 10pm things..... personally im into the whole appreciation day time stuff now.... ****, maybe im becoming a gheezer ? hahah

I just flicked the Traf. site an email suggesting it.
How cool would it be if ~100 VLTs all rock up, park up outside, have a good look inside at some classics, make a day of it..... and the highway is nice and straight ;) lol, so should be very cruisy...

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Found a Shannons episode where they go to the museum too

Morgz 03-08-15 09:37

yeah I'm up for day time stuff, dont want to associate with the illegal racing crap that happens on 'HWY' etc.. just out to enjoy the cars and besides, I can't see em properly at night, I'm old lol.

SIroller 03-08-15 10:53

i can't see 100 vl's coming. barely even get numbers at vl only cruises and theyre local and well planned.

In saying that the only way to make it work is get a route choose a date and start advertising it hardcore.

good luck. you'll find a lot of west side guys wont want to go so far as trafalgar.

Geniee 03-08-15 15:02

Yea, i think you are right and i can see their point. ahh well, was an idea but yea, im no good at this, never done it before.... i guess will have to put it on the backburner

SIroller 03-08-15 19:13

its not too hard man.

get a map a start point a finish point check departure times etc. be mindful of traffic and idiots. try to keep it invite only to verified vl owners.

advertise here other forums facebook etc even the vl cruise guys are approachable they may gove some advice. the important thing is that you follow through even if 5 people turn up. usually these things tae time to gather steam. the first few cruises will be small.

i started a monthly meetup out east. ent from 5 cars in the rain. to 50 cars to 200 cars with skids and all sorts of out of hand ****.

so be mindful of that aswell (advising authorities and land owners)

Morgz 17-08-15 17:49

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dyno comp in castlemaine - flier attached.

86_vlbt 22-08-15 11:16

any cruises getting organized ?? not on facebook so dont they if there any any mentioned

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