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JVL87 12-08-04 13:09

Satdy Night Bruvva's ! (14/08)
oooooh, Friday 13th !

Yeah anyway this thread is about SATURDAY and how we're all gonna cruise down the coast, well you guys are and I'll meet you. UNLESS you wanna wait around till 10 then leave and meet me at my work...
But yeah I'm keen so who's going down and when...either way I'll head down anyway so plan away boys...


Dump_Pipe 12-08-04 13:17

I will be...but as usual as someone's car whore...I pretty sure stocky is keen as well and I believe aarons car has been tuned so I would say he'll be along as well.

SPLIT 12-08-04 13:17

im keen dont no if ill have the car or if one of my mates r driving but im sure i can find a way down there.

StockyMcStock 12-08-04 14:39

if my blower drive is fixed i'll be down, waiting on results tomorrow from the machinist at uni. there's a possibility i might slap on one of the old belts i have and see how it goes, if there's 4 or more pounds of boost there i'll be coming down. won't know until tomorrow arvo though.

InsaneVL 12-08-04 14:41

If I have enough money for rego, and enough time to put the car back together again, I *may* come along - not looking to hopeful at the moment though :(

SPLIT 12-08-04 15:05

i think we should all chip in and buy a massive shed and keep all the cars that "when they r finished we will do everything" then we could have quite a collection

so many people have cars with problems we need to rob a bank or somethin

251NFL 12-08-04 15:25

we will be there u ****ing ****s :D

coastvl 12-08-04 15:35

I wont. Well I will ( I live here!) but I'm not coming out.

ZED 310 12-08-04 16:35

Gormo and I will be in Currumbin and we want a lift to Surfers - Pick us up and we'll make sure you see plenty of t!tties :D

...and some fatties who love the cokc for Ollie

StockyMcStock 12-08-04 17:30

titties eh?! whereabouts in Currumbin? :)

SPLIT 12-08-04 17:54


titties eh?!
from someone who picks up all the time is the a statement we should see

i think not

u have tricked many but your day is up to admit u r a scared little boy who is afraid of women

HDTCAL 12-08-04 18:07

Yeah guys i should be out in my mates 180sx :D Anyone keen to race PSI06?LOL

`Bolt~On` 12-08-04 18:14

maybe ill walk down.. car will be off the road all weekend..
ROb.. drive that atmo bitch down.. why u gonna car whore son?!.. BE PROUD.. STAND TALL! :P
****in keyboard.. all covered in metal ****.. anyone wanna finish my polishing job?!..

`Bolt~On` 12-08-04 18:15

oh and rob.. u wanna sell me the rear quarter window covers off ya car?!.. if ya still have em?!.. unless they are gay cracked.. tiny cracks aint bothering me.. cant get MINT ones anywhere :(..

osk 12-08-04 20:43

pick me i wanna go,...

but im also in the no car club,, its cool scoota is gunna join it soon!!

scoota_vlt 13-08-04 01:25

If you fix mine you can take it down stevo. I'm staying in brissy drinking it up and picking up red hot moisties.......
ok... maybe i'm mixing up ambition with success ahahhaa.
Chill easy lads

OVL087 13-08-04 09:22

shotgun front seat of grants , as per usual and if old grouch has scootas car then we will be in for some serious drift and drag action.

kramer 13-08-04 09:26

i'll be down in brisvegas tomorrow night, and then will be cruising to dreamworld in the morning. is like 8 / 8:30 too early for you stooges to cruise with me n my atmo auto ****ter?

i wouldn't mind meeting a some of you guys :)

JVL87 13-08-04 11:08

Man i used to work with a chick named annabell who used to go on and on about some dude called Kramer who had a vlt when i bought mine... is that you man ??
I think she said he worked at taringa mercedes...
anyway just wondering :D Do you mean 8:30 in the morning ? If so, give yourself an upper cut ! :D


kramer 13-08-04 11:13

ouch - just upper cutted myself :|

yea, 8:30 in the mornin...gonna have a full day there :D

and no, different kramer, otherwise i'de have a vlT already :(

251NFL 13-08-04 12:18

ok i think i should try and organise u fags so we can get every1 togehter

how does this sound:

northsiders - meet at ASPLEY at 7.30-8pm

southsiders - meet northsiders at BP YATALA at 8.30-9pm

then wen we get there try and do a few laps until u see some1 u know then pull up next to them or go into our own lil area so we can take over the joint!!

251NFL 13-08-04 12:20

oh and 1 more thing....DRUGS AND ALCOHOL are strongly encouraged

Dump_Pipe 13-08-04 12:31


Originally Posted by OVL087
shotgun front seat of grants , as per usual and if old grouch has scootas car then we will be in for some serious drift and drag action.

too late poof, but to be fare we will flip for it. gambling solves all problems!

61RLI VLT 13-08-04 13:59

we'll be down coast tomoz night not in a vl though a vnct!!!

exchaser 13-08-04 14:41

did u just call me a ****!!!!

or did u say vNcalaisturbo ? if so wats done to it and wats it run ?

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