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Steve 04-08-05 02:45

Night Cruise - Friday 19th Aug
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Gday all

Yes girls and boys its cruising time again, and hopefully we get a good turnout of all the people that couldnt make it to the last sunday cruise.

AND im actually goin to do a map that has stops with Fuel and Food :D and i promise we wont get too lost.

I dont need to know your name or type of car or who's in shotgun or your address to steal your rims. Just express your interest as normal and dont pike out. Please fuel up before you get to meet point.

Meet point details:

Burswood Casino Carpark closest to Causeway.. eg where people park for the Outdoor movies in summer as in attached map.

Friday 19th Aug
meet at 7:30pm
leave at approx 8:00pm


stock_as 04-08-05 08:06

im in

-Max- 04-08-05 11:06


kalais6 04-08-05 11:20

will be there

wagonshaw 04-08-05 12:23

im in but i dont know the car park you are talking about as i havent been to the burswood cinemas

Steve 04-08-05 12:55

hopeless dan, hopeless.. i even provided a map for you :D

Oliver 04-08-05 20:35

might be there

VHELLT 04-08-05 22:32

i will be there if my cars runing with my new turbo (t70) and exstracters are all fitted and plumbed up :D

GTA_1024 05-08-05 01:32

I'll try and get there if all goes well

EVL 05-08-05 04:01

ahh id love to go but just scored myself a new job workin mon-fri nights!!
ah well 800 bucks a week i aint complaining :P

VLQUEEN 05-08-05 21:52

i might be there =)

LAGWAGN 05-08-05 22:00

yeah hopefully ill make it too

Gremlinz 06-08-05 15:00

i should be there

Stocs101 08-08-05 16:40

count me in.
I am in brisbane at the moment then to melbourne
but will be back in time.


JC 08-08-05 17:11

I somehow doubt my project will be on the road by then... But if it is, I might come along, all depending

wagonshaw 08-08-05 18:22


Originally Posted by jcd
I somehow doubt my project will be on the road by then... But if it is, I might come along, all depending

whats your project? it wouldnt be a fire breathing rb30 by any chance would it

JC 08-08-05 18:26

lol... Got a shell of xibit0r, get the block for it this weekend (Hopefully), hook it all up so I can get rid of my White VL, then plan to do an RB26/30 combo with RB25DE pistons and rods in it... For now :P

Got my Berlina dash cluster today, so that goes in as well

LAGWAGN 08-08-05 19:40

cool, but i thought you were into superchargers?

lewpy 08-08-05 19:59

hopefully i can make this one

JC 08-08-05 22:19

Yeah... I am, but for now, it'll do me untill I can work out the best charger for the job, how to hook it all up and so on... Whipple have a blower for a 3.3L, not sure if it'll work nicely enough on a 3L, or would I have to explore a small stroker kit to get the cubic up to that capacity... I want to avoid a centrifugal, as it's basically a belt driven turbo, and roots let off too much heat at the end of the compression, so twin screw is the way to go :)

VLFORMULA 09-08-05 15:22

Yeah i will be there 4 sure

30lct5spd 09-08-05 17:51

I'd like to come if it's ok!

Steve 09-08-05 18:07

yep u can come

TurBO's 09-08-05 18:55

hopefully i might be there dasblitz, if i get my car back by then, but might not take it coz i think i will have to wear the new bottom end in and on a cruze i think that would be way too hard.haha

wagonshaw 09-08-05 20:03

just dont flog it too hard tak it easy no need to break world records on the street.

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