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-HOLDEN- 01-08-07 15:08

Street Commodore's Cruise For Charity 4 _PICS_
couldn't find any picture threads on CFC4 so thought I'll put some of my pics up
(better late then never:) )
was really surprised at how many modified Vl's are actually in NSW at least quarter of the cruise was vl's
warning there's a couple of pics here if you got any other pics of vl's please post them up also if you got any pics of HB-40-AD please post or send to me :) :) :)
me and mates little meet at roselands
lets get started

-HOLDEN- 01-08-07 15:08


-HOLDEN- 01-08-07 15:09

last one's from me to hard to choose the best:p

ATMO_BT1 01-08-07 15:28

mine was there was a fun day although i left the bonnet down almost all day at Blacktown drive ins while i manned the front gate.

stoney 01-08-07 15:29

nice pics mate.. was an awesome day

7FOUR7 01-08-07 16:33
man that reminds me of my old car

-BERLINA- 01-08-07 17:00

Seen a pic of a vl with gen 3 in it... Any more pics anyone??

ATMO_BT1 01-08-07 17:49


Originally Posted by 7FOUR7

i told you so, there was another the same colour with 19 inch CV8R replicas on it like your old one.

NATE DOGG 01-08-07 18:11

yer LOCOVL was it?
that was nice also

IWARNU Full Monty style very nice!!!

-HOLDEN- 01-08-07 19:05

well this is all the vl's i got pics of

you've seen mine now lets see yours :D

da_s_man 01-08-07 19:47

Bah... Why'd I have to be busy on Saturday!!!

Gabzsta 01-08-07 21:01

ive got about 10 or so pics ill crop them later n throw'em up. Was a nice day but was abit of a hike.... and some nice nice vl turbos around

-HOLDEN- 02-08-07 19:08

forgot about my videos i got up
all commodores==

just vl's ==

Blink 02-08-07 19:12

Some nice cars there boys, whats with all the air brushing though :confused:

gaijin 02-08-07 19:27

Some nice VL's there. Seemed like a nice variety. Hope the day went well.

smpchiky 03-08-07 16:58

hey who was the guys in the black vl. came up next to me n did the lil finger lol anyone on here?


Originally Posted by Gabzsta
ive got about 10 or so pics ill crop them later n throw'em up. Was a nice day but was abit of a hike.... and some nice nice vl turbos around

yeh dawg dont call or nuthin

Gabzsta 04-08-07 02:32


Originally Posted by smpchiky
yeh dawg dont call or nuthin

yeah because i knew u were there huh :rolleyes:

smpchiky 04-08-07 15:07

u want ur cds or wat? they were in the car waitin 4 u.

DVS VL280 04-08-07 15:28

the police leave use alone?

smpchiky 04-08-07 15:31

they caught one of my mates jus as we were leavin homebush..... 5k's over the limit

Gabzsta 04-08-07 15:58


smpchiky 04-08-07 16:07

gab.. id give u the little finger off the rta ad.. u n ur camry

Gabzsta 04-08-07 16:35

i dont speed unlike almost almost wrapped my bt1 around a pole you amature!

can someone upload these pics for me? ive got around 6 or so from the cruise

Vella 04-08-07 16:56

Jenna they got Ben's brother aswell, number plate wasn't visual enough or some bull****.

dvl 04-08-07 18:15

no pics of my car?

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