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OCAL 31-12-15 16:39

Venetians or tint?
I need you guys opinions haha I can't make up my mind on wether I should get white venetians or black ones. Or go like 15% tint all round or leave it as is.
:confused: or if anybody could chop some in that'd be great thanks.

(Stickers now gone) haha

Panno 29-01-16 10:43

Definitely black venetians on rear and quarter windows, also leave the current tint on.

IMO lose the white flappers though...

deanoVLCT 29-01-16 11:28

If was my car.....
Ditch those junk flappers add Ve gts black 20s only cause it's custom paint
Black venetians all round
Ditch chrome door handles for black
Paint lower Calais skirts black too

dougall83 29-01-16 16:15

Neither I run just clean windows

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Id paint ya side Calais skirts black and get either bud I'd prefer Venetians myself but only coz I hate tint lol

SIroller 29-01-16 17:33

black venetians.

white venetians look amlittle p plater and a bit pox to me. Black is where its at.

Venetians are good i like them however realistically tint is much more effective. i recently went 25% rear windows and 35% fronts in a vn all ceramic tint approx $300 cash in hand.

effective and great bang for buck

OCAL 29-01-16 20:20

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Nothing at all on the Windows looks nice but I don't like sitting inside a fishbowl haha I like a little privacy mainly from the rear so I think black venetians might be the go especially if the flappers go.

And about painting the Skirts do you think they should get painted in a glossier black like the window surrounds or a matt black cause if I go matt I feel like I'll be adding to many colours.

And yeah be gts are red hot I'd go the shadow chrome over the black tho. But I feel 20"s are too big :/ and I don't know what colour I'd paint my callipers might not even look bad to paint them the colour of the car too but they'd be a bitch to keep clean and I don't even know if my panel beater would do it for me haha

SIroller 30-01-16 07:24

side skirts should be raw textured plastic. if i bought your car I'd replace them with stock unpainted ones. I'd also replace the mirrors and bpaint the calais bumper blackouts.

but thats just me. the issue i see a lot is gloss looks a bit strange. i.e. it doesn't look like it should be that way.

thats all fine when its new but when its gloss and flakey and has bug chips and hasn't been maintained like the rest of the paint it starts to look really bad.

thats why i dislike gloss. once painted theres no going back and they usually end up looking crap down the track and ageing badly.

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