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GMH-030 09-03-11 13:43

Anybody been rorted with paypal?
Didn't really know where to post this, move it if yas want..

OK, trying to sell a car atm, got a weird sms/email from a lady who seemed interested. Emailed back and forth for a bit, she seemed uninterested in looking at the car, (says shes out of the country) and really only interested in getting my paypal details to pay me. Probably shouldn't be complaining, but seems a bit sus.. Can anything happen? like can she get into my bank accounts etc.. new to this paypal **** and dont trust anybody...

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Definatley a scam, she just asked me to send her $1000 for the agent pickup some bull****, ****ing shifty ****s!!!!!!

WYLDBOI 09-03-11 13:54

pm sent

GMH-030 09-03-11 14:24

I was just about to make the payment when i had this little problem with the picking up,I got an email from my agent..i taught i included that in my previous email.he said he won't come and pick up the vehicle unless i pay him the agent commission fee first in order to be able to schedule a pick up time ,and my pick up agent head quarters is in the United Kingdom and all commission payments made for pick up, from anywhere in the world is sent to their head quarters in the United Kingdom and the only form of payments they accept is western union money transfer and i tried to pay online but i will need a credit card which i didn't bring along, and there is no post office(there is usually a western union section in most post offices) or any western union agent offshore! so i have to ask you to help me with the pick up fees, i will include the $1000 they charged to pick it up and take it my home(1st class treatment), to the payments i will send through paypal after i have made the payments, i will need you to help me send the $1000 to my pick up agent through western union money transfer, the western union money transfer can be made at a post office near to you,there is always a western union agent in most post offices or online at .I will be making the payments shortly and will email you as soon as it has been done..

This is the email I got after I gave my paypal details to her

aus880 09-03-11 14:33

it's the standard rort

make you think you've got a sale then a 'minor' problem, you've got to pay them some $ first before you get there's

it's another take on the many Nigerian scams

sadly many people fall for them

GMH-030 09-03-11 14:43

So should I be worried about my accounts etc?

aus880 09-03-11 14:47

no i think they simply wanted you to pay the $1k to them, nothing more

Duke57TT 09-03-11 15:03

Tell her you need $50 deposited into your PayPal account before you can transfer the $1000

GMH-030 09-03-11 15:20

I already told them what to do and where to go, but thats a good idea - why didn't I ask them to paypal me the 1k, then i would send it on? good luck ever hearing from them agin either way I spose

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What a lazy way to rob someone

WYLDBOI 09-03-11 18:44

hey mate i forgot to tell ya too when i rang paypal to ask about the bloke that was keen on my car they said that if its a scam the person usually tries to make you pay money to western union, so as soon as the even mention the words western union its nearly 100% of the time a scam and you should ignore them.

PSI-EFI 09-03-11 19:14

mate dont worry.. im trying to sell a boat on boatpoint.. i copped so many emails from em.. at first i thought they were legit untill i googled it and saw exact same emails.. their the nigerians from the news man, lol shifty ****s.. they get 1 in 10000 and they loving it. just ignore the **** man

mR_Sam 09-03-11 20:04

that 'lady' is a fat hairy bloke thats got a cheeseburger in one hand and typing on the keyboard with the other who's also a geek and wants to make a quick $1000 and many idiots fall for their scam...

Boyracer 24-03-11 19:58

Some Ethnic sent me an email telling me I had won the British Lottery and need to send 500 bux through western union so they release the cheque, it's like f#ck off ya dirty scum! 'click send'

aus880 24-03-11 20:08

I got similar from 'Oren Guzi' saying I had won $485K plus a Range Rover !!!

I replied saying wonderful, do I have my choice of colours for the RR?

the email wanted me to got to a website and log on with a user name and password


Dear E-mail User,This is to immediately inform you that your email address with a special Micro I.D DJT-71905-KYA-581YA-9PD has won you $485,000 and a brand new range rover sports car. Use the details below to login and immediately begin your claims. WEBSITE : wenourvis.comUSERNAME : win2 PASSWORD : jum9 Regards.Dr. Arthur GreenEuropean Zonal Cordinator©

R33PSI 24-03-11 20:08

LOL the old paypal trick , i had this done to me the other week . I worked out it was off gumtree random people seeing the AD . People do not reply or if you do , Type you have contacted the Australian Federal police for investigation because you know its a scam. Dont listen to there taunts they will make up a whole heap of sh*t that they dont understand and its a real deal and that you have to give them the money back . DONT LISTEN TO THEM. If it sounds too good , It normally is ;). You can report them just google gumtree car scams. Or click here

Cheers Rob

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note do not even click the fake paypal site link that they send you too . Its all bullsh*t

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funny we talk about this last night . I put my bike on gumtree last night and wam, Woke up with 2 messages this morning that were *** bull**** omg i hate that site . Ive even reported the last ones..

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