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RB30-POWER 26-04-03 11:53

Sydney VL Cruise Photo's Thread "Put all your links in
Thought i would throw up some pictures of the day.

The only ones i have uploaded are the meet place at Rockdale so far.

All images have been compressed and downsized to make faster loading for 56K users.

I know other people took photo's as well on the day, so feel free to put the links in here.

(BoostedCal & 87Calais, we will all have to wait for your pics, of all the action up at the lighthouse in the afternoon :D )

How any cars didnt get hit I still dont know

The link is below:


Boostedcal 26-04-03 12:22

That jeep was bloddy lucky that green Cortina didn't clip it. I took my pics on caveman film. Gettin developed on disc this week, and probably stick em on 87calais' website with his.

You must have walked halfway to the gong to get some of those long

OMY30L 26-04-03 18:17

goddamn, good turnout. We would have made it there but were way too late. Bring on the next cruise I say. Next cruise both mine and my brothers will be there.

MRHELE 26-04-03 18:44

hey my car actually looks good in those pics

INFLYT 26-04-03 18:53

Only just... :D

MRHELE 26-04-03 19:04

yer mate dogged it harddddddddddddddd

INFLYT 27-04-03 16:11


yer mate dogged it harddddddddddddddd

MRHELE 28-04-03 20:16

does any1 else have any pics of the cruise
or a video

87calais 29-04-03 00:15

i got some pics - just waiting to get the cd and i will upload them.

MRHELE 29-04-03 20:57

cool spewing the weather was up the shiiter we could have had a better photo session

MRHELE 29-04-03 20:58

a well next time we mite even had a burnout session then

Boostedcal 30-04-03 12:19

Hey 87calais, can I put my pics on ya site too. Went to kodak yesterday, they are gunna take a week to put em on disc for me.

Gatecrasher 30-04-03 13:00

Sydney Cruise

Originally Posted by RB30-POWER

The polished Simmons on that dark blue VL come up a treat. Looks neat!
Would'a luved to be there... too bad I don't live in NSW but.

Boostedcal 30-04-03 13:10

In your car it would have only taken you 2 hours to drive up

Gatecrasher 30-04-03 13:34

Ha Ha :D

87calais 01-05-03 12:03

Boostedcal, yeah i can upload them no worries. i got mine back yesterday - will try to upload them tonight when i get home from work. I took mine to Kodak at Kurri and they did it in about an hour for me. Cessnock was gonna take a week.

calais to4 me 01-05-03 15:57

Goddamn good turn out guys i will be there for sure Couldnt make the cruise due to laying in sun at cairns

Boostedcal 01-05-03 18:35

thats ***ed. how much they charge u?

MRHELE 01-05-03 20:04

so r the pics up???

MRHELE 01-05-03 20:07 (---------Who owns this VL i see it heaps but i dnt no who the owner is

VL-Aero 01-05-03 20:10

nice turn out fellas. some nice cars there

87calais 02-05-03 00:53

Re: .

Originally Posted by calais to4 me
Goddamn good turn out guys i will be there for sure Couldnt make the cruise due to laying in sun at cairns

haha - bugger aye, bet you wish you were in the rain with us.

GMH-3OL 02-05-03 03:00

theres a good digital camera on sale at good guys for all guys wanting to advance to the technological age, lol

Sony 3.2 megapixels for $400

im buying it this weekend, may i say that it is very worth having

87calais 03-05-03 19:46

OK I uploaded my pics but i couldnt fit them all onto my site and i couldnt fit big pics (like full screen size) so this is what i got.


RB30-POWER 03-05-03 22:06

They turned out pretty good those pictures, the big ones would be perfect for prints. Quality wise...

Out of interests sake what do they charge to get film put onto a CD.

Ive got a couple of rolls of film here from the SLR i was using before i got the digicam, might get it put on CD???


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