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wagonshaw 11-05-04 16:32

just thought i might get this going for people mostly for me as i am pretty new here in taking this oppurtunity to learn names. i feel like a bit of an idiot calling everyone by their forum names on here. i met a couple of you on the dreamtime cruise but not everyone.
anyway im daniel and i drive the walky wagon now, new and proud owner.

sorry if this is homosexual or a ginnish thing to do.

SLIPPERY VL 11-05-04 19:27

haha i forgot your name anyway so thankgod i didnt have to ask again...that woulda looked stupid :)

i dunno if everyone knows im travis ?

stockcalais_ 11-05-04 23:59

hey fellas, i'm rob. been around for a few years now but kinda don't really post anymore and haven't been on the cruises. travis i met u like 2yrs ago when i bought an exhaust tip from you. it never made its way to my car, ended up on my bro's eventually. anyway i drive series 2 atmo calais burgundy over silver, but the signs are in the window as of yesterday... yet to decide whats next but that it'll be manual and it'll boogie... daniel i've seen your car before the previous owner sold it - very nice indeed, except the day i saw it it was pumping smoke from oil leaking onto extractors. assume it ain't doing that anymore tho!

dr00 12-05-04 00:52

intro thread is a good idea coz i dont know anyone anymore.

my names andrew and ive had three vl's, two of them calais turbos but obviously dont anymore. i saw the light, the big yellow japanese light :D

saw you driving along stirling hwy the other day rob :D and i think you should get a skyrine :D

OldGold 12-05-04 08:20

My name's Neil... and I'm an alocoholic :(

wagonshaw 12-05-04 16:56

yeah rob she was blowing a bit of smoke when i picked it up. got it fixed although it is only a temporary job as i need to now find someone who can make lines from the gearbox to where ever they go. what happened is that these lines from the transmission had been burnt through from the hot extractors there for tranny fluid burning and smoking :(. not smoking anymore though. :)

SLIPPERY VL 12-05-04 22:33

yeah i know who you are rob haha
thats when i still had my white vl wasnt it??

i think half the wa guys have been to my house buying some crap from me hehe

Stocs101 12-05-04 23:08

My name is christian, and i have an N/A at the moment. I have all of the turbo gear ready to whack onto it though. Its just a matter of finding the time to put it on.

Oh yeah......I too am an alcoholic

slacker 12-05-04 23:16

should be Hello my name is Neil and im a poor arse who drives like a nana

scary 12-05-04 23:34

Hello my name is Steve and I like walks along the beach and poetry. My heart is pounding for a turbo but for now, it is the only part i havent got for the turbo conversion. At the moment, my ride is:
-1987 vl executive converted to calais (all work done by myself)
-5 speed manual
-blue in colour
-group A front spoiler
-side skirts
-Genie extractors, 2.5" exhaust and 3" tip
-17" vt clubsport mags
-computer chipped
-'lumpier' cam
-port and polished head
-cold air intake to custom air filter
-engine fully rebuilt 60000km's ago

OldGold 13-05-04 03:19

and urs could be my name is sacha and I like to drive into inanimate objects
youd drive like a nanna if ur car was as slo as mine you hard****

vlc_31t 13-05-04 14:17

i'm mark

my car details cam be veiwed at :

the car is nearly done, justs needs a tune and new paint!!!


mark :)

Watto 13-05-04 14:34

G'day, I'm Mat
Only driving a NA at the moment, but hopefully turbo or supercharging it later on this year..

SLIPPERY VL 13-05-04 20:16

hey scary, my turbo will available pretty soon if youre interested

EVL 51R 14-05-04 00:23

most of you will know me by now ;) but my name is josh. be careful of the one named arie, hes packing spears.

Hazardous 14-05-04 12:05

hi im james. its a good idea to start this thread so now when i read all of the ginnish talk i know who it is talking about.

1sickvl 14-05-04 12:14

haha yea im pete i drive a black vl "1sickvl" fully sick habib you can view my engine bay at or at the holden vs ford show later this month

1sickvl 14-05-04 12:17

oyea mark you car is sick come on the next cruise!

Steve 14-05-04 13:59

Howdy. I like VB.
i might be a ****in alcoholic, but i'm a ****in legend.
And ive got a fullysick Gold 1988 VL Calais w/oTurbo
ANd on my 1st Calaisturbo cruise i ever went on i was extremely hungover from drinking too many beer funnels the night before and i vomited everywhere when no one was looking. :rolleyes:

So G'Day to everyone. :cool:

vlc_31t 14-05-04 15:32

i'll try pete, but i work 9 days in port hedland, and 5 days back here!!! and to make things worse my car doesnt like the cooler and plenum that i just fitted!!! she wont run properly on the std ecu????? :(

mark :)

Neil 14-05-04 20:01

Name: Neil, strangly.
car is a dark blue s2 calais turbo with a newley re-built auto *sob* and pursuits so it looks mighty bogany !!

stockcalais_ 15-05-04 14:39


Originally Posted by dr00
i think you should get a skyrine :D

haha yeah may still happen.. if it does R32 all the way. travis yea from memory u had a white n/a.

anyway, left the cott last night at close, we walked over the road to find someone had decided to jump on the roof of my car. i've had this car so long, and the moment i put a sign in the window it attracts attention. maybe i'll just get a bunky till i have a garage.

dr00 16-05-04 00:11

thats gay!! insurance cover it?

you do have a garage. your parents can park their cars on the lawn the selfish gits :P

SmokeyD 16-05-04 00:17

Heya fellas, Steve here

Silver N/A Exec auto :( BUT i got me 18" though eheh ... she does me ok,
Im the one with the silver painted rear tail lights, I reckon its unique, some think otherwise heheh ohh well, looking foward to a cruze sometime.

OldGold 16-05-04 03:23

jeez, how bad is the damage to ur roof?
btw that six pack went down good, you were right about whatever brand that was, it was mad, I have four more centrecaps if you feel like giving me more :p

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