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Katsa 15-04-18 21:07 roll call
If your reading this, take a minute to post something, even a simple (here) try remembr your old password or what ever else you need to do.
Who's still lurkin?

Don't be slack and hit the back button!!

deanoVLCT 15-04-18 21:20


KALAY 15-04-18 21:38

Katsa, what's my vl worth?

Katsa 15-04-18 21:45


Originally Posted by KALAY (Post 3075854)
Katsa, what's my vl worth?

Somewhere in the six figures mate lol easily

It'll be great to see who's still reading, if you see this say something, a simple hello as Deano has done is great if your not one for small talk lol

bLuj3t 16-04-18 00:13

The rear cable set up on the rear power windows is frustrating me on my vk. Can anyone help me out?

I had it working ace, window in, cable all on fine went up and down lightning quick. Put the door trim on, wound it all the way up, did one last ‘test’ and now window only goes down 2inches and jams. Help meeee

Oh yeh im still lurking around

OCAL 16-04-18 10:59

Hey hey

calaist5 16-04-18 11:53

Sirgeo are you still alive ?

Sin 16-04-18 12:09

18 years and counting

Waughy 16-04-18 12:24

Still around. Haven't owned a VL since 2012, and probably won't own another one (I'd like to, but other things say no chance), but still keen to see what's going on with those still working on their cars.

trkwpn 16-04-18 14:00

10 years now from me.

Still cant change my Username and im still banned from Spotted thread lol!

Katsa 16-04-18 17:37

Good to see everyone still ok and around!!

nikk 16-04-18 18:45


calaist5 16-04-18 20:00


Originally Posted by trkwpn (Post 3075862)
10 years now from me.

Still cant change my Username and im still banned from Spotted thread lol!

How were you banned?

chasdm 16-04-18 20:50

10yrs. Ha

Boyracer 16-04-18 21:02

Present but not often, might sell the calais soon and get a cheap SL BT1 replica

Katsa 16-04-18 21:27

Blast from the past seeing these posts from the usernames above!

Psi_Wagon 16-04-18 22:16


mulkers 17-04-18 07:28


REMALAKA 17-04-18 09:19


vin-vlt 17-04-18 12:28

Zu tu tu tu tu

12maneym 17-04-18 13:06

11 years and 9 vls later im still here

trkwpn 17-04-18 14:35


Originally Posted by calaist5 (Post 3075867)
How were you banned?

lmao , spotted drag racing once apon a time

INFLYT 17-04-18 20:05

One of the O.G's here.

John boy 17-04-18 20:43

EOI just seeing what my vl is worth im here

satansLBO 18-04-18 00:36

Still looking for a NOS LH headlight

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