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VL-Aero 15-09-03 19:45

brisbane meets sydney event
what does everyone think of a huge vl meet at somewhere like coffs harbour for brisbane and sydney owners, could be a huge event.

GTFREAK 15-09-03 23:29

where is coffs barbour and how long would it take to get there from both directions, to help us out

VL-Aero 16-09-03 09:14

well im not saying lets do it and let go to coffs harbour, its just an idea. coffs harbour is about halfway between sydney and brisbane, approx 5 - 6 hours to get there i guess, depending on where you live

RB26DETT 16-09-03 21:26

Cheap to stay at the F1 motel, like $45 a night.

my88vl 16-09-03 21:37

Sounds good if ya ask me....

coastvl 16-09-03 21:45

yeah that sounds ok. I need a new holiday spot.

HDTCAL 16-09-03 21:49

Sound's sweet dude's!.

Lazza78 17-09-03 11:04

i live just over a hour north of coffs, would be 4-1/2 hrs from brissie to coffs and about 6 hrs from sydney, if this idea happens i would like to meet up with u guys

OVL666 18-09-03 08:25

id be keen

RB26DETT 18-09-03 20:48

Yeah, sounds good to me.

OVL087 19-09-03 00:03

i was there about 5 hours ago , f uckin roadworks all the way sux bigtime.

damn permanent mounted speed cameras everywhere too.

exchaser 19-09-03 15:14

cruising down there is a nice idea.. but its hard to organise..
goodluck with it ryan.

my88vl 22-09-03 22:53

Ryan, if ya need a hand organising it, i'm throwing my arm in the air to help ya there...

just DO NOT let me organise the BBQ... hahaha.

The missus is hell keen to help as well so we have people willing to help organise.

Maybe we can organise something with a caravan park with cabins. Usually ya can get a cabin for a night if booked as a group for about $12 a night... no ****.

SJman 23-09-03 20:50

Yeah come to coffs itll give me something to look at :D :D

its around 4.5 hours from brisbane and 6ish from sydney. Heaps of places to stay everywhere. about 25min south west of coffs is a place called dorrigo(little town not much there) but the road leading to it is a sweet twisty hillclimb sort of thing which is good for going up. of course im being biased but seen as i live here and want to see some sweet vls rocken up into town.

VL-Aero 25-09-03 19:32

thanks for the offer rob. maybe we should see if we can get some sort of sponsorship for the event? stoney has ties with street machine doesnt he?

any ideas?

my88vl 25-09-03 23:55

Hmmm sponsorship.

I MAY be able to talk to Petroject about it, and possibly another group. They mainly deal with Honda's but none the less they have ****LOADS of cash so yeah...

I'll see what i can get but we can make a big day of it.

I'll talk to Mario @ Ares to and see what he's able to do.

stoney 26-09-03 03:38

hmmmmm.. i have ties.. but not with street machine sorry.. i should be able to attend, depending on what the nrma assessor says tomorrow, if my car is written off, i got another VL lined up.. if it has to be repaired.. i got LOTs of plans.. you guys wouldnt recognise it

also.. im probably moving to gold coast soon, so im not sure if i would be going north or south.. depends when it is

peter vl calais 26-09-03 20:39

Lazza 78 where abouts do you live? Must be near maclean. Or do you live in grafton?

Lazza78 27-09-03 11:43

yeah peter i live in maclean

morepsi 27-09-03 14:54

this would be a mad idea. Maybe we could get Street Commodores on board? Coffs is about 4 hours from Newcastle so I'll be in for sure.

RB30-POWER 27-09-03 22:33

What happened to the car stoney?

It didnt get pranged did it, shame if it did, it was immaculate.


stoney 28-09-03 04:54

yeah, i got hit up the arse.. if you think it looked good, wait till i finish it.. its getting a full rebuild.. new paint, driveline, interior etc..

Jeffo 28-09-03 14:15

i would be up for it.... good waves down that way... give me a change from the **** waves i am used to up here!!!

Anarchy 28-09-03 20:18


Originally Posted by Jeffo
i would be up for it.... good waves down that way... give me a change from the **** waves i am used to up here!!!

Mmmm....different waves, unknown breaks and mystery sets :D I'm there...

Gunna take a bit of organisin...but what a sick Road Trip it would be...Digi Cam definatly would make a appearance..."documentary" style..haha

my88vl 28-09-03 21:32

Well yeah like are we gonna all sit here and say how we'll go and how mad it'll be or should we start setting dates and routes and so on?

It won't just magically happen.

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