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VNSSLUVA 21-08-08 22:50

Adelaide Commodores Inc
holdin a cruise on saturday 6th september specifically for all commys. Sorta startin up a club just for a hobby. Anyone welcome, starts at 7:30PM from castle plaza just behind the servo. would love to see yas there. cheers

VLPSI88 21-08-08 22:51

ANOTHER club... just cover your ass before you get a reeming for this...

TUXEDO 21-08-08 22:54

at least this one doesnt have club spelt with a K in its name lol

VLPSI88 21-08-08 22:54

Adelaide Kommodores? could be...

VNSSLUVA 21-08-08 22:59

LOL what u mean? im just doin it for giggles with mates that r keen to cruise not guna be sum fully sik hardcore commy "klub" n like i sed ur all welcome 2 come join us.

TURBZ 21-08-08 23:00

TUXEDO 21-08-08 23:02

club with a K, ie. Ragerz Commodore Klub, Insane Commodore Klub etc.

VNSSLUVA 21-08-08 23:04

??????? its called doing something... u neva see big groups of nice cars cruisin togetha anymore. im doin what i want ive had cruises b4 n gathered alotta interest i dont need ppls criticism if ur guna be there be there if not then good!

VLPSI88 21-08-08 23:12

lol man. there's is a reason people dont need any other "commodore inc". If you wanna cruise with mates, cruise with mates. Im not your mate, and if I'm going for a cruise it'll be with my mates.


TURBZ 21-08-08 23:14

Quality > quantity.

I would rather sit at home and fap than cruise with 20+ boats.

VNSSLUVA 21-08-08 23:19


Originally Posted by BoYwOnDeR
lol man. there's is a reason people dont need any other "commodore inc". If you wanna cruise with mates, cruise with mates. Im not your mate, and if I'm going for a cruise it'll be with my mates.


yea whats with ur example ur in anal pro rides or sumthin? lol im friends with their owners... what have they got to do with it?

Mikel. 21-08-08 23:20


VLPSI88 21-08-08 23:26

man you got no idea. anal pro riders?

i'm tellin you that why do you need a "club". if you wanna cruise, then cruise.

Blink 21-08-08 23:32

VNSSLUVA 21-08-08 23:35

nah well obviously i can always cruise whenever i want.. but you kno it just a name we cruise under its just for fun nothin serious n we do proper maps n stuff not just meet up n go random n get lost u know. i cant believe this i just wanted to organise a cruise n see some nice VL's out n meet some people (half the point of these forums) and people just start negging it out. so narrow minded. id like it to just be a small commodore owners club a few people join everyone has a good time we get out make a good name for ourselves nothin rong with that!

TUXEDO 21-08-08 23:39

he has a point, but that pic is killa blink haha

pmac 21-08-08 23:49

How many commmodore clubs does Adelaide seriously need? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Blink 21-08-08 23:50

Haha thanks.

Dont take offence mate btw.

Basically the way most of us would see it;

There are hundreds of Holden/Commodore Clubs in Adelaide.
There is no need for a new 'club'
Your more than welcome to post up cruising in the 'Whos Cruising Tonight' Thread.
Creating a new 'club' (Which by the way, isnt really an official club) just makes you look very amateur.

Hope this clears things up.

pmac 22-08-08 00:01

Hey g unit, tight rhymes son. You will blow up one day i know it.... 8 MILLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Mikel. 22-08-08 00:08

smokey is in da howssseeee

TURBZ 22-08-08 00:13

ya'll gonna get a cap popped in yo ass's

Weezy 22-08-08 00:52

LOL, Todd fire up buddy :D

tobie 22-08-08 02:08



****ing WIN!

Holmez 22-08-08 13:04

lmao.... Why Inc??? You need to have a company before you can put Inc in the name. May as well call it Adelaide Commodores Pty Ltd.

VLPSI88 22-08-08 13:20

haha^^^ i was thinking that aswell.

why not wayne. If it wasnt me, it would have been you. :D:D

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