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Sin 07-05-04 14:18

May 2004

Another month run and won. Good to see a bunch of forum members out racing last month, check out the results at fullBOOST and in the Regional areas (particularly NSW & Vic).

The biggest news of the month was the move to the new server. There were a few issues which we have mostly sorted out (except for one ongoing one ... we're working on it). Massive thanks again to platinum for all of the work and research which went into the move and organising the new server. We have now allowed attachments for members which can be viewed by anyone, in every forum.

I haven't really got much else to say for the month except that personal and workshop bagging won't be tollerated and workshop bagging will now result in an immediate ban.

In April there were ..... hmmm looks like the stats page is stuffed at the moment. hehe. I will update it later if Gavin can make it work.

Despite the down time for the month, we used 27.2 gig of data which was very slightly down on last month, but up obviously for actual time we were online.

New Members were;

5spd Calais

And possibly (but hopefully not) a couple of other members who I lost track of this month.

Thanks to all those who bothered to read this crap :)


- sin

Kingyvl 07-05-04 15:36

sweet, great month again!

OVL087 07-05-04 20:52


you dont hate morepsi this month?

another month goes by , good as per usual

Sin 08-05-04 00:22

nah he's got his own TV show, he's my best friend now!!!!!!!! ;)

OVL087 08-05-04 08:31


Spike 09-05-04 05:05

hehehe :p

BLK-747 09-05-04 13:15

mark i like how you added about the workshop bagging etc i think it should be posted in the general rules for the whole forum

vlt-dreamer 10-05-04 08:30

Good stuff mate, the attachments are great and hopefully now we wont see the site exceeding its bandwidth.

well done everyone - really great stuff. :)

morepsi 11-05-04 11:52

So May huh.... even though I'm in the states...

I still hate you all :D

Spike 12-05-04 07:49


Originally Posted by morepsi

I still hate you all :D


Sin 12-05-04 14:25

214 new members for April.
1622 new threads (up 1%).
18433 new posts (up 10%).

darkowen 03-06-04 20:12

sorry if this sounds stupid to you vl pro's but wat is work shop bagging (i dont mean to hijack)

VLRB20DET 03-06-04 20:41

its where people bitch about performance company's

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