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VL KING 22-07-03 21:38

hi just woundering if eny 1 is going 2 summernats ive allways wanted 2 go but never been yet due 2 none of my m8s wanting 2 go that much

MRHELE 22-07-03 22:21

im actually in the process of bookin

VL KING 22-07-03 22:58

nice man r u entering a car in or just going ther yeah id love 2 go ther 1 year

MRHELE 22-07-03 23:05

if my vls up to scratch then yer my vl but we have definately got 1 vl and 1 torana in the vl will be wearing the MRHELE plates(maybe ITSWAR) and the tori FROGU

stoney 23-07-03 02:25

i will be entered..

MrsJet 23-07-03 07:28

If i miss out again this year some frozen oranges are coming out for the orange gun!

LTSJET 23-07-03 11:07

my vl will be in there ...

hugofirst 23-07-03 12:31

I WILL be there.. (seeings as the Summernats arena is a 10 min drive away!)

Not too sure if I will enter the VL in or not... depends if ive got some wheels by then...

OMY30L 23-07-03 15:29

I won't be entering my car again this year. JET-88C hopefully will be there and entered in the HP Heroes. Will book for the motel soon, stayed in the same motel past 3 years and it is only a 20 min walk to EPIC.

MRHELE 23-07-03 16:14

yer mite stay at quality Inn ****son again cheap and close

osk 23-07-03 17:26

yeah im trying to organise some boys from brissy for a ROAD TRIP!!!!.. went the last 2 yrs awesome fun... which hotle is 20mins walk???? and how much.. if u don't mind

AneemA 23-07-03 18:12

Osk: If i have my VL ill definitely be interested in a road trip.. just depends on when it is... its in melbourne right?

morepsi 23-07-03 18:17

oh dear Aneema...are you serious?
its in Canberra, has been for years, go have a warm milk and lay down

RB30DET 23-07-03 19:06

hugofirst, can we crash at your place?? :)
the nats is a 14 hour drive from here..

AneemA 23-07-03 20:11

haha sorry morepsi

i wasnt sure.. i had a feeling it was canberra but wasnt sure

meh im a brissy boi and have never taken any notice of events outside of brisbane :P

ITG-05Z 24-07-03 00:09

i will be going in if everything goes to plan with engine work and power

MRHELE 24-07-03 00:28

heard a rumour that this will be the last yr at canberra and then will be goin to a new location i think queensland

WYLD 24-07-03 07:55

QIKENF is booked in !! .....

OldF@rt 24-07-03 11:24


Originally Posted by MRHELE
heard a rumour that this will be the last yr at canberra and then will be goin to a new location i think queensland

The same rumour that comes up every year when Chick Henry wants to get concessions from the ACT government.

"Nothing to see here, move along..." :)

morepsi 24-07-03 12:34

remember the rumour a few years ago when it was suppossed to move to Melbourne, out tulla way? Yeah Chic always make szup the rumours so he can squeeze a few more pennys out of the punters.
"Unfortunatley we've had to raise the price of entrants and spectators to cover wank wank blah blah"

hugofirst 24-07-03 13:01

Stay at Mine!!!
You could stay at mine, but it might be a full house by then!
I was ALMOST going to buy this house with a 6 car gararge!! (just a standard side 4 bedroom place, but yeah, had a double gararge then a 4x car gararge on the other side! could have been perfect!! next time hey!

Places to stay near the summernats site:

Quality Hotel ****son : (02) 6247 4744

O'Neill's of ****son : (02) 6262 8253 (also a pub)

The Parklands : (02) 6262 7000 (lots of summernats entrance go here)

Also, Summernats moving state: Its said every year, yet its still always in Canberra!

MRHELE 24-07-03 19:22

thank fcuk i dnt want the thing to move its close to home(3hrs) but still beats traveling to melbourne or queensland, no offence to ppl that live there, canberra is dat best place to have it its the land of the HOES!!!!LOL :mrgreen:

INFLYT 24-07-03 20:07

I'll be there in my bro's car

hqv8monaro 24-07-03 20:21

My mate's and i are goin up
Supercharged Big block Hb torana coupe, light blue, black vinyl roof(Spud) been there nearly every year first year sc
Supercharged VH Charger (IGRUNT) safron pearl pain, 15x12 rear bags (sic)
Vl calais turbo (BOOST-O) ex PET car rebuilt with T04-E of "Justa 6" 9sec centura
Black Hq coupe 350 chev (HQLS) awesome 11 second streeter
Hopefully, VG Valaint coupe 440 big block mopar, tubbed with big convos
and my Hq coupe tubbed, stroker 308, nos, 5g stall roll cage, heaps of billit parts and leather interior. should be a sic week
All these cars are part of our local drag racing club, of which im the secreatary.

MRHELE 25-07-03 00:25

oooo cant wait im dying for the nats
like i tell me misses i only live for 5 days a yr summernats and my bday
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: ;)

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