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Oliver 14-04-17 13:37

CTWA 2017 Cruise
Hi Guys

Its been a long while since we have had a CT cruise, just thought I would see who is keen and more importantly who has a car that is actually working to go cruising with!

If you can reply via the poll and in thread if you also wish.


EVL 14-04-17 16:40

Good to go in 2-3 months

Steve 14-04-17 17:53

What he said

Skinkis 15-04-17 10:09

Same here, realisticly atleast 2-3 months out.
I hate cars.

VLWAGONIT 19-04-17 21:18

Keen if I'm home for it

satansLBO 26-04-17 02:21

Can do next month or this year

James93 01-05-17 20:08

Hey guys new on here, was on here about six years ago from my last vl. If my new one passes pits next week I'm definitely keen

VL400 01-05-17 22:19

If I can keep mine on the road am keen.

Unseen 18-05-17 01:41

Keen but new one wont be ready this year lol

Cotty 13-06-17 16:52

ready and waiting

fmx939 29-06-17 22:04

Keen but 3-6 months

Oliver 29-06-17 22:36

You still got yours Mike?

EVL 29-06-17 22:44

so keen on this

Xibit0r 01-07-17 00:58


fmx939 03-07-17 20:20

Yep, just trying to finish it off again lol

Cotty 26-09-17 15:05

Is this still happening

satansLBO 04-10-17 22:36

Possibly 10 VLs soon? That's a cruise isn't it?

There's only a dozen Sundays left till the new year.

Would be good to organise something before the silly season.

Skinkis 05-10-17 08:28

Mine's running, but waiting for a trigger kit to make it bettererer.
Keen once it's done though =)

inferno 04-11-17 18:56

Thought i'd make a cameo appearance - I am definitely keen, will need to jump in your car though Oliver, unless i am able to track down my old Calais and get it back before this cruise.

VLWAGONIT 04-11-17 21:53

so when is this happening?

Oliver 24-11-17 17:28

Sorry guys started a new job been in Sydney a fair bit. Will organise something in the next few months.


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