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vlwagz 20-11-07 12:43

vlwagz VLT WAGON
this is my new setup it started of N/A then i put a sc14 supercharger on it i made all the brackets and everything my self in the shed it took me 3 months. I left it like that for about 6-7 months but it was to unreliable and wasnt the most attractive engine bay so i bought a turbo conversion and a series 2 motor i took the old motor out and a mate painted the bay for me then i dropped it off at my mech and had him fit everything for me. its just a standard turbo setup with a gktech front mount its a standard series 2 motor. my waste gate isnt shutting all the way at the moment so im only getting 4psi till i get a new actuator which should be in the next week or so but it made 115rwkw on high tech dyno. Cant wait to get the new actuator though.

cheers let me know what you guys think.


calais_vl 20-11-07 12:50

looks good dude! how does it go compared to your supercharged setup?

how do you go closing the bonnet with the pod up so high? :p

vlwagz 20-11-07 12:54

its alot smoother to drive than my supercharger but power wise im not sure yet but i think this setup is quicker but it is only running 4psi so the 10psi i plan on running should be alot better.

yeah the bonnet shuts fine but i want to get a polished pipe made up to sit it lower.

_Calturb 20-11-07 13:34

Thats awesome man, how much power were you making with the SC setup and what did you do with it?
Engine bay looks real neat, new washer bottles would finish it off nice!

vlwagz 20-11-07 13:39

i sold the supercharger setup to a mate. im not sure about the power with the supercharger setup but it was only running 4psi aswell.
yeah washer bottle and a polished intake pipe and afm in the piping should be happening soon. but i want to get the rear bodykit soon ive been meaning to do that for ages.

Weezy 20-11-07 14:28

Looking good man. GK Tech kits are good easy setup. Had one on my other vl.

RB JET 20-11-07 16:09

Looks killa mate did you end up with the hi-comp setup?? looks real tidy but good work!! you will have to bring it out soon??? we need more decent wagons in sa!!

vlwagz 20-11-07 16:12

cheers mate
yeah went high comp i got that steel haedgasket you told me about. yeah ill be out friday night.

RB JET 20-11-07 16:17

Niiice i may be out as well. Bet you cant wait to put some boost through it!

_Calturb 20-11-07 16:27

Im looking to go high comp aswell, dont want to lose the response that an NA has.
Let me know how it goes for you when you boost it up, hsould be the best of both worlds ;)

vlwagz 20-11-07 16:36

yeah im hoping it goes ok should hopefully happen in the next couple of weeks.

TURBDWAGZ 21-11-07 08:21

cooler looks mint behind that bar.....

vlwagz 21-11-07 14:00


vlwagz 03-12-07 20:58

got my new adjustable actuator today got it running 10psi it goes really well. got it going on the dyno tomorrow just to make sure everything is ok. ill let you know how it goes

DJ_XTASY 03-12-07 22:03

the group A front gels nice with the wagons! Any guesses on what you might make on 10 psi?

BT 03-12-07 22:44

look sweet man ,

john is a gun i wont go anywhere else .

VLT-025 03-12-07 23:28

Nice wags man! Can't wait to see it out

RB JET 04-12-07 15:52

Did you end up on the dyno today mate?? very interested to know how it went? did you go to hi tech? did you happen to see my white vl sedan?

TURBDWAGZ 04-12-07 16:54

yeah howd you go....???

vlwagz 04-12-07 17:25

yeah did see your white sedan looks awsome man. what you planning on making with your setup looks pretty nuts.
it made 155rwkw on 10 psi im pretty happy with it.

RB JET 04-12-07 17:33

thats a good run mate good stuff. Im planning on a easy 300rwkw+++ once i get a good run in on the motor and put my bigger turbo on it cant wait to get it out

vlwagz 04-12-07 17:37

yeah i like the interior mate very shmick.
any idea what your wagon makes? thats a standard high comp isnt it?

RB JET 04-12-07 17:53

low comp with t04 aftermarket ecu big cam etc makes around 200rwkw last time i had it on the dyno

pmac 04-12-07 17:55

thats pretty good power wagz, standard t3?

im pretty keen to sus out this sedan of lockie's :)

vlwagz 04-12-07 17:57

think its a t3 highflow? yeah his sedan looks the goods
has any one here got a similar turbo setup just so i can compare i dont know whats normal or is mine about right or a bit better???

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