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Jako-25 26-12-10 22:18

My 87 Calais
Hey guys my names Jackson. I purchased this VL in Oct 2010 fully stock except the wheels at that time.. I know the basics of cars etc but want to learn more.

Bought it down near Canberra off a fairly mature owner, who used the car on occasions for his family, but drove a Rodeo. So the car was rarely driven. He was the second owner, from 95' - 10'. from 1988 till 95' an elderly gentleman owned it.

My plans -
Car is not my daily and is currently in storage, spending money here and there on it. When i reach my open license, i will convert her to genuine turbo, will all factory specifications. ( as if it was a genuine VLCT ) Only thing different will be I.D Plate.

Name: Jackson Rainger
Model: Genuine December 1987 Holden VL Calais N/A
Plates: NSW JAK-094
Colour: Original/Factory Alpine over Asteroid Silver.
Bodywork: Original w/ Freshened up Front end due to stone chips.
Exterior: VK Chrome Handles.
Engine Type: Factory s2 rb30e
Engine Mods: K&N Panel Filter
Power: Unknown
Exhaust: Pacemaker Extractors, High flow Catalytic Converter, 2.5 inch Redback, modified rear with hotdog and 3.5" Dump Tip.
Gearbox: Original Auto ML4
Diff: Stock Non LSD
Brakes: Stock - New Pads
-Front: Super Low Kings, Kmac Camber kit, Pedders shortened Sports Ryder shocks.
-Rear: Ultra Low Kings, Adj pan hard rod, Pedders shortened Sports Ryder shocks ( Rear ).
- Genuine S1 VE SSV wheels, 235/35/19. Guards not rolled, no scrapping,
- Polished Calais rims with Atlas Whitewalls 215/60/15 ( Current )
- Genuine VE HSVi Supersports 225/35/20.
Interior: Original Beige Leather SII, White Venetians + fan type
Other Mods: Standard Paint. New radiator, thermostat, CAS, Belts.
Stereo: Factory head deck and speakers.
Build Period: Oct 2010 - Ongoing
Future mods: Sleeper ( when i reach my opens ) Turbo motor, convert the proper way, respray, new trans, driveline.

This to fix ATM:
- Fix central locking
- Few fix ups here and there.

Car is garaged and currently in storage. Had Genuine 212,000klms when purchased.

Im going for a super clean factory Calais look.

This intro is regulatory updated.

KALAY 26-12-10 23:43


Woggster 27-12-10 07:47

It could be your water pump which is causing the car to run hot.
Also, resize that image its ridiculously huge.
It looks like a nice clean car. Just cuck some decent wheels or Calais wheels on it and it'll come up great.

Jako-25 27-12-10 09:52

Yeah i bought SSV's for it, thans Mad Wog for putting up the photo?? how do i do it? and how do i resize it?

VL-86-92 27-12-10 11:44

sounds like my calais.

Plenty of information out there for fixing it. My water pump died recently, I'd get it replaced cos it was running hot, also get timing kit for it to do at the same time just for good measure.

sounds like a good proect if your gonna turbo it, taes a fair bit of work though. If your getting your P's you wil need a car so why turbo it? You won't be able to drive it.

Get some more pictures up. To do it, get the image URL from image shack and then copy and paste it into here and it will show the pic.

Woggster 27-12-10 11:53

upload with and you can resize the image when you upload it. I'm sure you can do the same with imageshack aswell though.

VL-86-92 27-12-10 12:41

or photobucket. You can resize there too.

Jako-25 27-12-10 19:41

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Jako-25 27-12-10 20:26

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SSV's to go on in the next few months.

glenn87 27-12-10 20:30

Wow you changed your number plates a few times haha. Also went from L's to green P's fast.

Very nice Calais though!

Bt1Cal 27-12-10 20:47

very very neat dude! lovin those leather seats.
and those ssv's will look mad. take good care of it. any plans for it?

Jako-25 27-12-10 21:00

Cant wait to put the new wheels on, umm typical plans for the car like full exhaust, suspension, wheels and basicaly keeping it tidy and yeah going to look after it for sure. I need to sell my KTM before anything else happens, so as soon as it sells all the money will go to this.

Bt1Cal 27-12-10 21:05

good stuff mate. keep the updates and pics comin

glenn87 27-12-10 21:26


Originally Posted by Jako-25 (Post 2659197)
Cant wait to put the new wheels on, umm typical plans for a p plate car like cai, exhaust, possible RB25 head conversion, suspension, wheels and basicaly keepin in tidy and yeah gunna look after it for sure. i Need to sell my KTM before anything else happens, so as soon as it sells all the money will go to this.

Hahaha I swapped my KTM for a VLT must be a Kato thing. What model I have a few mates interested in KTM's and how much.

VlDUBC 27-12-10 22:01

Nice car mate...interior is shhmiickk!

Jako-25 28-12-10 20:00


glenn87 28-12-10 20:50

I'll ask around for you mate. I had a 300 EXC the 2 smokers never get old!!

Jako-25 28-12-10 22:11

sweet thanx mate

Jako-25 28-09-11 21:14

Bit of an up date, got the suspension in ( super lows, apdr. pedders shortend storts ryder shocks ) and new tyres fo the ssvs 225/35/19 cheap 'duran' branded ones. cant really remember how to upload pics, whats the best/easiest site to use?? oh and got a 2.5inch zorst.

Jako-25 02-02-12 21:37

Hey guys haven't been on here for a while now, so here is the Calais now, got all the suspension and wheels on. Look up on top description of you want to know specs. Some pics have super lows in the rear, and for Christmas my gf gave me ultra lows for the rear.

These photos are some of my favorites from the past year.

---------- Post added 02-02-12 at 22:59 ----------

[/COLOR]Here is a video of my driving up the lane and back. At my bro's place.

Jako-25 12-03-12 21:43

Ventians coming soon.

nikk 14-03-12 17:13

so clean, love it mate.

tzatziki 14-03-12 17:16

those rims...suit the car very nicely.

good job bud

Jako-25 19-03-12 21:21

Thanx guys, in the process of polishing my calais wheels and putting them on for a bit, just for a little change, but keeping the SSV's.

Jako-25 02-04-12 22:59

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