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whiplash 30-01-05 13:25

Hey guys just cleaned out my garage and listed everything i have and trying to get rid of. its all there so send me a pm if theres anything you want and its pretty much yours. all prices are rough and negotiable. i just need to get rid of it all.

Guys my number is 0421859091. Give me a ring and ill have the stuff waiting here for you.



PS sorry for the detail

1x standard alternators, tested
1x standard manifold with downpipe and sensor
1x standard downpipe excellent condition
1x fan shroud
1x automatic driveshaft
1x charcoal canister
3x standard intake hoses
1x standard filter box
1x coolant and windscreen washer reservoir
1x power steering reservoir
1x rocker cover
1x fan pulley wheel


1x passenger footwell cover
1x instrument cluster cover (green)
1x glovebox dash part (green)
1x set of 4 window winders (blue)
1x bonnet release leaver and cable
1x rearview mirror
1x climate control unit
1x defogger and rear window wiper unit
1x windscreen wiper unit


Assorted plugs from harness (ask if I have the plug your looking for)
1x front left headlight
2x rear right tail lights (1 has hole in indicator)
1x fuse box including lid (great condition)
1x automatic module
2x standard ignition coils
1x distributor unit with rotor and cap
1x fuel pump
1x internal fuel pump unit (includes internal pump and filter)


1x set of Calais door moulds "SOLD"
1x rear left bumper mould
1x rear centre bumper mould ( exhaust melt present)
1x front right bumper mould
1x complete set of side moulds
1x front right skirt mould
1x rear centre skirt mould
1x rear right skirt mould
1x pair of side mirrors (excellent condition)
1x complete bonnet grille
1x set of 4 wheel arch chrome strips "SOLD"


1x standard fuel cap
1x automatic brake pedal pad
1x standard horn
1x Holden wooden racing wheel (excellent condition)
1x complete towbar unit including wiring (1x sedan)
1x set of 5 standard 14 steelies (2 with tyres)
1x standard handbrake grip
1x turbo plenum chamber gasket (brand new)
1x N/A 5 speed manual bearing kit (new in box)

LAGWAGN 30-01-05 13:42

1 Attachment(s)
1x passenger footwell cover $5
can you get a pic of this or describe where it is exactly, im unsure of which bit it is but i think im missing a part in there somewhere?

and also the calais door moulds, a pic would be good hey

and ill take them tonight on the cruise if it happens?

is that footwell cover this:

Some Bored Dude 30-01-05 13:45

I'll be intrested in the climate control unit $10, if ya come cruisin' tonight, might make some $$$

VHELLT 30-01-05 16:03

mate do u have a whole front bumper?

PROJKTL 30-01-05 17:09

the calais door molds... these are the ones on the bottom of the doors right? if in good cond, ill grab em off ya...

whiplash 31-01-05 12:16

that is the bit i have and am selling. its in perfect condition with foam still on it

calais door moulds have a slight crack in them but is not noticable at all and paint on them is still fine.

climate control unit is in good nic and i still have it

no front bumper

also what is this cuize i never heard of it till now. also im just getting my license tomorrow from loosing it and my vl is still in pieces. will be on the road soon hopefully.

PROJKTL 31-01-05 18:38

what colour are they... will some bog or something still fix them? (still want em) :p

LAGWAGN 31-01-05 18:44

the beige peice in my pick is that part you have?
still interested in those moulds too

LAGWAGN 31-01-05 22:21

do vls even have a panel where i circled in the pic i posted????

1sickvl 31-01-05 23:04

where abouts are ya man i need a charcol can

PROJKTL 31-01-05 23:08

yeh they do have that panel...ask dazblitz, hes got one as well....

LAGWAGN 31-01-05 23:12

cool, steve wanna sell me yours?? unless whiplash has it ofcourse..

whiplash 01-02-05 00:05

guys i have a lot of people after the door moulds so if you want them i suggest be quick. number is 0421859091

they are silver type and have slight cracking in them but are fine and could prob get away just putting them on as you cant notice it at all. cracking is mostly on the back of it.

first one in gets it. or highest bidder gets it

phantom_t 01-02-05 08:41

hey whiplash do you have the centre console between the tray that's in front of the gear stick and the air con controls, it is a rectangular bit that screws in.]


PROJKTL 01-02-05 20:14

didnt i already say id have em????... sold

-Max- 01-02-05 21:48

the door moulds are gone fellas, as well as a few other small bits (handbrake grip, chrome wheel arch)

LAGWAGN 01-02-05 21:59

passenger footwell cover is mine

whiplash 01-02-05 23:09

The cover is on hold for you RB30wagon

LAGWAGN 05-02-05 15:31

hey when are you free so i can pick that cover up?

whiplash 05-02-05 18:21

anytime man. give me a ring for tomorrow if you want

whiplash 16-02-05 13:45


LAGWAGN 16-02-05 18:49

oops sorry man,
ill see if i can organise to come get that cover this weekend (dont have a car right now)
if i can get a lift or somthing ill give ya a call

whiplash 25-02-05 21:10


cmon guys need to sell this stuff

whiplash 03-03-05 17:31

surely some of you need some of these parts give me a honest offer and its yours. need to get rid of all this crap

Steve 03-03-05 17:34


Originally Posted by RB30wagon
do vls even have a panel where i circled in the pic i posted????

brian.. you still need that piece???

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