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3lturbo 23-01-13 23:06

Vl Berlina Turbo Build
Thought it was about time i started a build thread for my car, even though a lot of work has already been done. I'll upload pictures from various points in time, at which the car has been at different stages, and will keep it updated as more work is completed.

Car was originally an n/a 3L berlina, which was bought by a family member. I then bought it, at which point it needed a new head put on, and a new windscreen. Apart from this the car was pretty much 100% original, even having the original radio, clutch and spare tyre still fitted.

After buying two dud rb30 heads it seemed there no good ones around, so it was decided that it would be easier to simply put a replacement motor in, at which point a low k (62,000) rb25det was bough and fitted.

Within a few months i had a new windscreen in, and due to the idiot who took the screen out making a mess i decided to give the roof a respray. At the same time i decided that a smoothed engine bay would be worth doing now rather than later. So i stripped the bay to bare metal, and smoothed it myself-pretty happy with the results (especially for the first go).

As you'll be able to see in the photo's, the car received a Greddy *cough style* front facing plenum, matching fuel rail, and 80mm throttle body. However a big turning point for the build came when a new Master Power GT42 turbo(1.06 from what i remember), 60mm Turbosmart wastegate, and Turbosmart BOV were purchased.

MUS 13-02-13 15:09


MUS 13-02-13 16:59

Rehab is slowwwww and painfullllll lol. Its been 3 months now, really taking its toll.
As for another car, i would love to purchase another vlt or vlct, but i will be too temted to to work on it/ fix it etc.. So i will have to wait unfortunetly :( Soo im just frothing over everybody elses build lol.

BigM22 13-02-13 20:05

Car looks mint mate, really keen for some more updates

3lturbo 16-02-13 19:53


Cheers BigM.

I put some GTR rocker covers on, and painted them crackle red and it looks mint, but this is one of the last pics i got of the bay before i sold the motor and other parts last week (pic makes the bay look really messy but it's not). For a while i'd been thinking that the 25 conversions were becoming a bit too common, and as if it was meant to be a friend offered me a good price on all my gear-so away it went. Decided a v8 with boost would be pretty fun and give me some good numbers at the same time.

Decided to go LS/LSx turbo, with a little head work. Hoping to have it on the road, and running some good power by the end of the year.

3lturbo 09-04-13 20:36

Been on the lookout for a new motor, and really wanted to do an ls3 turbo, almost had a motor but the deal fell through. Since then not much has come up, so my brother offered me his rb30et and mx7 out of his vl. It's an extremely original, low milage, unmolested motor that he's only ever done a few minor mods to (Turbosmart bov,boost tap, hi flowed factory turbo and 3'' exhaust).

Initially was going to keep it fairly mild with a just a cooler, but still have a few brand new parts just sitting here that were meant to go on the old motor (Turbosmart 60mm wastegate and bov, r33 box and clutch pictured, a 28 spline rear end...), so rather than let them go to waste i'll put them on the car. At the same time i'll put a new fuel system in, bigger turbo, ecu and a few other things.

Will keep the updates coming as work gets done to it.[/IMG]

MUS 14-04-13 18:45

Your brother is very generous!

3lturbo 23-04-13 21:28

Haha. So put the motor in today, and started putting the car back together. They're not great photos, but you get the idea of the progress i'm making.


And I also painted the boot. It was mint to start with, but thought I may as well do it know for when the surge tank goes in. Stoked with how it came out considering I did it all myself at home, with not much of an idea of what to do.


3lturbo 13-06-13 22:14

Small update. Started spending on the fuel system, bought 6x1000cc injectors, and a Bosch 044. Hopefully have the new turbo next month to.

And got one of these as well haha.

86SLVLT 14-06-13 08:33

Is that donk for this car? Bay and boot looks mint!

3lturbo 16-06-13 20:46


Originally Posted by 86SLVLT (Post 3017344)
Is that donk for this car? Bay and boot looks mint!

Cheers man, been meaning to put some better photos up, as those ones really don't do it any justice.

Plan is to build the LS up once the 30's finished. Then i'll pull the car off the road next year for a rebuild.

Your cars mint by the way, looking forward to seeing what numbers it runs!

3lturbo 29-11-13 21:06

Finally got a chance to put some more time and money (but mainly money) into the car.

Pulled a few things off the car to get powder-coated, one of which was the diff. Looks awesome to say the least, and is currently getting a full rebuild.


It's going to look good on the car, especially with these:


Brand new 4 pot Wilwoods all round, new rotors, braided lines etc.. Now means i'm going to have to ditch the turbo hubcaps (as the 15's wont fit), and get some 20's on there.

More work being done next week, will post updates as they happen.

3lturbo 01-12-13 21:10

And a better pic of the boot.


CHRGD6 02-12-13 09:38

Man, what material is that on the inside? Not a pattern that looks familiar... is it standard?

trkdup 02-12-13 19:25

Bay looks good keep up the good work.

3lturbo 08-12-13 20:11


Originally Posted by CHRGD6 (Post 3036001)
Man, what material is that on the inside? Not a pattern that looks familiar... is it standard?

Yeh man all original. I've only ever had the covers off once, but when I get the car back i'll take some pics of the seats.

Cheers trkdup.

So to clear the brakes I needed some bigger wheels.

Bought a genuine set of VE GTS's a little while ago, and just picked up a genuine set of VX GTS's as well.


Like the VE's a lot more so putting them on. Had just got them painted silver, but don't think they suit the car, so back to the painters they go. Trial fitted the rear 9.5's and they fit nicely.

And some more parts from the powder coaters:

Like with the diff, the parts look awesome! Can't have asked for much more from the powder coater.

Just dropped the car off to get some work done, can't wait to get it back.

3lturbo 05-01-14 20:10

Few goodies arrived...

New Microtech LT16C and hand controller.

New longer wheel studs


dougall83 06-01-14 16:28

love the powder coating man,and I think it will pull up pretty nice on those brakes lol

3lturbo 06-01-14 21:33


Originally Posted by dougall83 (Post 3038637)
love the powder coating man,and I think it will pull up pretty nice on those brakes lol

Haha here's hoping.

So bought a set of Ultra-Lows and shortened shocks for it today and had them fitted, as well as the wheels (genuine HSV VE GTS 20x9.5's) and tyres mounted.




Stoked with how the wheels, and the new stance turned out. Springs should settle in a bit, so will get a bit lower-if not will get them compressed in a couple weeks once the car's wired and tuned. Should look a lot better with the Wilwoods on there too.

All coming together slowly...

BigM22 06-01-14 21:37

Looks Awesome!!
Love the black on red, really sweet!!

Chaz_007 07-01-14 16:35

I watching this thread with great interest!.
Love the wheels and I can't wait to see the brakes behind them!

P.S Good colour combo!

Yeti 07-01-14 16:43

If that front end lowers an inch, it would be perfect.

Great job.

dougall83 07-01-14 18:59

hell yeah looks deadly on those rims,

3lturbo 16-01-14 16:59

Cheers for the feedback guys, really appreciate it! Still makes me smile looking at the pics.

Just heard from my tuner that the Wilwoods and rotors are on, intercooler and Microtech fitted, as well as a couple of other things. Will post pics when I get them.

SELO XST 045 16-01-14 21:50

lost for words WELL DONE :)

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