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-BERLINA- 13-10-06 13:04

What do you do for a job?? (WA)
As title says, what do you do for a job??
I was thinking that maybe we could help each other out...
Or you can use it as a bit of advertising for where you work ;)

Any way i work at a building company:

Gemmill Homes
Location: Osborne Park
Phone: 9263 4444

I am a Draftsperson - i draw houses all day... :)

DeVL 13-10-06 13:25

Im a 3rd year diesle mechanic i work for mercedes benz on kewdale road,

If you guys ever need any mechanical work done or have any questions just give me a shout.


vl 88 13-10-06 13:52

im a traffic controller the one with the stop and slow bat.

MR.MAXPOWER 13-10-06 13:56

I am a IT Computer support officer


fullsick 13-10-06 13:56

I'm a Receptionist in Wangara at a place called PalmTEQ Ltd

We do a system called WaiterPAD, it's for restaurants.

DeVL 13-10-06 14:05

wasnt that the system they used in my restraunt rules lexie

C4L4IS86 13-10-06 14:07


72 of 150 13-10-06 14:17

Straight up Pimp.

Got hoes?

Trima86 13-10-06 14:59

Im a receptions at a steel fabrication company.
I dont do a lot of work though.

fullsick 13-10-06 15:06


Originally Posted by DeVL
wasnt that the system they used in my restraunt rules lexie

Pretty much

hurtinit 13-10-06 15:07

u a male receptionist?

Trima86 13-10-06 15:11

Lol if your talking to me im a female receptionist.

fullsick 13-10-06 15:13

Lol i'm happy to say, i'm female too.

4PLAY 13-10-06 15:16

im a project manager at Xpress Mining Services.
We design,build, modify earthmoving machinery and equipment.
And also do mechanical contracting to mine sites all over Australia.

If you boys wanna go on the run up north, im your man haha

JUSTRYME 13-10-06 15:33

im a customer service representative for Paint dept at AMCAP. we sell products to a vast majority of panel n paint places. u want paint, u ask me.

1sickvl 13-10-06 15:46

i'm a civil and structural designer (draftsman) at a company called hatch

scary 13-10-06 15:52

you mean draftsman - unless you play draughts? :P

im a cartographer

1sickvl 13-10-06 16:13


Oliver 13-10-06 16:16

I run the Proshop at Lake Karrinyup Country Club, so if anyone needs golf gear..... :D

I'm also fulltime at Curtin doing a Commerce degree...

JETWPN` 13-10-06 16:35

im self employed and own a cabinet making buisiness with another bloke

dan_k 13-10-06 16:48

im "Boss son" at the hire guys, used to be called crommelins hire!! so if u need to hire engine hoists, stands, car trailers/trailers... most tradies gear! pm me for some prices :P

ILLUSIV 13-10-06 17:00

Im a Manager for an ISP

holdonv8 13-10-06 17:08

im self employed ceiling fixer/sub contractor

haha berlina your joking aren`t you? i call them cammel homes because there timber work are always like a cammels back lol,have they fixed up the problems they where having with the raking bulkheads in the main areas?

fullsick 13-10-06 17:10


Originally Posted by Oliver
I run the Proshop at Lake Karrinyup Country Club.

Have u ever met Michael Sim around the club?

kalais6 13-10-06 17:11

4PLAY and 1sickvl, I may be of some assistance in what u guys do. I am State Sales Manager for AWB Bearings, a national industrial power transmission company, meaning we do a lot of work with the earth moving companies in the supply of bearings,seals, elec motor's etc etc.

So if you guys need any catalogues give me a yell and I will see what I can do.

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