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quick6 16-06-09 19:35

EOI:my calais
Thinking about parting with my pride and joy

$$$ 15.000 $$$

it has been my baby for about 9 years now but its time to say goodbye i think....

fully rebuilt rb30 hitting around 400rwhp
arias forged pistons
new head mild porting new valves and springs
arp bolts
machined rods
king bearings
custom cam
672 cc injectors
custom fuel rail
6 boost manifold package
tial external gate
plazmaman plenum
hybrid cooler
crane hi 6 ignition with blaster coil
kevlar racing clutch
chrome molly flywheel
5 speed
single piece custom tailshaft
rebuilt lsd (brand new center) with 3.9 gears
neat standard interior besides gauges
eboost 2
microtech running the show
full respray
18 inch chrome matrix rims good tyres
lowered suspension
new discs front and back
Motor is fresh less than 8000 km since rebuild
all built by tim gunn @sikemwrex racing

Unseen 16-06-09 20:54

more pics?

quick6 18-06-09 20:56


QUP.FPV 18-06-09 21:04

real nice car bud . top gear used in the motor . well done . GOOD LUCK with sale :D

quick6 19-06-09 16:21

thanks mate still in two minds about selling but see what happens

QUP.FPV 19-06-09 17:56

i would keep it lol trust me ull miss it :P


Unseen 19-06-09 19:28

interior and engine bay pics?

quick6 19-06-09 21:33

I'm busy workn the next 2 days but I'll try get some other pics up soon

dceptv 21-06-09 18:55

Sell the motor seperately and get a 26 in there :)

quick6 22-06-09 18:27


quick6 23-06-09 21:40


OldGold 23-06-09 21:44

don't need to bump it every day...

quick6 28-06-09 17:28


VLTF-18 28-06-09 18:07

wat u after roughly?

Oliver 28-06-09 18:23

$21k as stated in the first post :)

VLWAGONIT 28-06-09 22:06

looks bloody nice. gl with it mate

quick6 06-07-09 19:03


quick6 22-07-09 16:33


pedro 25t 22-07-09 18:43

keep it

quick6 30-01-14 17:59

this car is back up for sale, i will make a new thread when i have some time off work and update the pics,

long story short ive owned the car for about 9 years and its been my garage car. ive driven it about 3 times in the last 3 years, im selling it obviously because i really have no need for it anymore and i want to purchase a 4wd and do a bit of exploring aroung w.a

im asking 17500 which i think is a fair price ive used nothing but quality parts and i never spared any expense. its going on car sales eventually but i thought i'd scout around good ol calaisturbz first too see if anyone even looks in here anymore.

Turismo 09-02-14 02:39

New f/s sale ad mate, lots of pics and specs.

14 years you'v owned it for... if you refer to your first post. Did you put a ring on it. you may as well keep it and sell it in 2030 for $50K :)

Good luck

quick6 25-02-14 14:37

new price 15000

Unseen 27-02-14 04:01


Psychotik 27-02-14 18:54

Bump also here are some more pics of his car:$_20.JPG$_20.JPG

quick6 21-03-14 12:37

Bump still for sale

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