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Blink 02-10-05 22:02

Barossa Cruise Sunday November 20
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Cruise has been written, tested and its bloody good.

Dates been set, and all we need now, is for you guys to come along and have a great day.
Tested the cruise out today with VLCAL-6 and its a real nice drive, the path is easy to follow, and were going to be able to have a real nice drive and get some top quality pictures.
All in all, the cruise is going to take a few hours, with a few stop offs. Plently of BP's along the way, couple of Macca's, Kfcs, Shops, Parks etc, and today it was a whole lot of fun.
There will be two meeting spots,
Kmart on Anzac Highway,
And Munno Para Shops.

This is so we dont have to be back tracking for those that live up North etc.
Maps will be given out on the day, at the second stop, maps to get there (second stop) will be given out at the first stop.
Hopefully it will be a pretty good meet, and lots of you boys will rock up, if you dont have a VLCT, VLC, or even a VL, who cares, your more than welcome. We want to see a huge percentage of you SA boys come along, i dont care about excuses, if you dont have a car, we will get you a lift. For the boys meeting at Kmart, we will be meeting up at 11am, and leave around 11.30am.
We will then meet the Munno Para guys at roughly 12-12.15am, and leave there around 12.30am.
The cruise will last most of the day, so I wouldnt be making too many plans :D.

Other people and cars are welcome, aslong as there's no idiots, idiots will be gladly removed.
Few surprises are planned for the day, and those that dont have stickers, i will be providing them for the day, because I know were all lazy and cant be bothered ordering them from interstate :D.
If you want to come along, let me know, so we have a rough guide to whos coming, and numbers to allocate for.
Cheers Guys,
(Post in here if your coming, try not to whore too much :D)

Those Confirmed So Far:
Blink (Will bring a couple of boys and girls)
VltKen (Plus Two)
Lukey VL (Plus a Few)
Dannc (Plus Two)
vl gts
VL_TRBO (Plus A Couple)
VL bt-1t
XRTHIS (Guessing Ben will be there)
efi_vk does not condone any reckless driving, if you are caught doing such at this event your number plates will be recorded and we will not hesitate to hand them into the relevant authorities.
If you wish to show how tough you and your car is, take it to a legal track. There are no excuse’s for stupidity.

VLCAL-6 02-10-05 22:28

You heard the man!!!! Nah cruise is top notch fellas and something different. Hope everyone makes it this time as you have all had enough notice :) By the way matt top pics and top nav skills today son! I would have to say the highlight of the day was driving on the wrong side of the road on Gawlers main street :) See what stupid car parking forces you to do LOL. Only saw 3 cop's all day, only got lost once (and it wont happen again as it is no longer in the cruise route) and i only use just over a quater of a tank for the day. By the way thanks Spirit for getting back to us soooo quickly!!! Hell im still waiting!!! :) Hope you like the message we left! Trip is around 160km's if memory serves me correct. If we all fill up before the cruise there should be no need for petrol stops, even you guys with fuel hungry turbo's and v8's should be fine. The roads are good to very good all round with only tununda being a bit rough but nothing that should worry even the lowest kit wearing beast. Hell i need a wheel alignment something bad and i could sit on 150+kph no dramas. Its and easy run to follow and no one should get lost and end up all over the place as like other cruises in the past. There is long stretch's and tight n' twisty bits, a little something for everyone. It will eat up most of the day, around 6 hours including stops. So clear your calander, cancel your plans... slap yourself for even thinking of making plans on that day!!! :) We want all the VL's there, everyone off here! Lets make it a good one and a big one!!!

spirit77 02-10-05 22:50

This is my post to add info and edit any changes :)
Basics .

***Cruise first meeting - Kmart 11am, and leave around 11.30am.***

***Cruise second meeting - Munno Para roughly 12-12.15am, and leave around 12.30am.***

Will have fuel , food and photo stops during cruise but best to fill up b4 hand.

Buddy system applies here. Someone gets left behind we wait till they catch up. If we are unaware that someone is left behind , call our mobiles or flash ur lights/beep your horns to get our attention.

Due to recent Behavior on a CT cruise in melbourne There will be 0 tolerance of all dangerous hoonish driving.
Anyone doing such behavior will be asked to leave the cruise.
Anyone doing such behavior and causing an accident in the process will be reported to the police.
Anyone drink driving on the cruise better park there car and call a tow truck to take u home cause if u dont u will be reported to the police.

On the first post it shows who is attending. If u dont see ur name there then post that u are comming and Blink will edit it and add you to that list.

Blink 02-10-05 22:57

No food before hand, maccas and kfc on the way :D lol. But a bit of petrol wont hurt.

Blink 02-10-05 23:07

A few of our numbers will be given out on the day aswell, just incase you get left behind or lost, and if you need to catch up, pm me before and we will sort it out. Get work off ASAP guys!

vltken 02-10-05 23:48

IM DEFINITELY IN! not that anyone knows me..

Blink 02-10-05 23:51

i know ya ken :D

natho 03-10-05 00:33

seeing as its a sunday im 99.9% sure i can't make it. i hope you all enjoy it though.

Blink 03-10-05 00:34

Comon nath, got work? Try ur best to get out of it, would love to see the Turbo in the flesh

LukieVS 03-10-05 01:18

I'll be there in the VS without a doubt =) Can't wait!

platinum 03-10-05 01:50

If by some miraculous chance my car is back on the road by then I'll be there in that, otherwise I'll just scab a lift off ryan probably. :cool:


Originally Posted by VL-RACER
Hell! thats a bus load of people! super cruise!

Get out of our thread :D

Blink 03-10-05 01:54

i dont care if you have to walk gav, ur coming :D

platinum 03-10-05 01:58

haha bugger walking to the barossa, walking down the street is too far IMO :p

spirit77 03-10-05 08:36

YAY , Gav is comming . With him comming , it aproves the cruise making the cruise (cause gave is admin) ...

Official Calais Turbo Barossa Cruise Sunday November 20 *
* and other cars welcome aswell , even Girlants Cruise.

PS VL-RACER , is 4 ppl really a bus load of ppl in melbourne ? Dam u guys must have some small buses. Like Umpa Lumpa Busses.

NORTI 03-10-05 10:09


Originally Posted by LukeY_VL
I'll be there in the VS without a doubt =) Can't wait!

Did u leave town after u seen us at the lights on hindley to come post this??? lol....

I want to come so I guess ya can add me name to the list..... :D


HDT 50L 03-10-05 11:51

hmmmmmmmmm might hopefully be off d fect by then....hmmmmm VLCV8 yummmmmy yep add my name plz

VLCT88 03-10-05 13:55

count me out... i will b working until 4 that day

Blink 03-10-05 13:56

Cant get out of it Levi? Im meant to be managing that day, but i got out of it :D Just tell em now, its almost 2 months notice :)

SPRIGZY 03-10-05 18:35

well it seems like im in.

Blink 03-10-05 19:09

:D i just assumed tys :D

backoffman 03-10-05 19:15

aaight, im GONNA be there, no matter what

SPRIGZY 03-10-05 19:29

i just heard a rumor going round that apparently on the sat (19th) matts going to wash and polish all of our cars in a this true matt.

Blink 03-10-05 19:35

If youd like tyson. hahaha sicko :D.

spirit77 03-10-05 19:38


Originally Posted by SPRIGZY
i just heard a rumor going round that apparently on the sat (19th) matts going to wash and polish all of our cars in a this true matt.

God that site would make me throw up ,then id have to re-wash the car all over again.

vl gts 03-10-05 19:40

you guys are the best ill be there for trade skool that weekend and then i can show you the vl that dannc (me sis) has told u about

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