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ryuwet 11-06-12 18:28

Amp troubles
ive got 3 amps 1 for 2 sets of splits and 2 for each sub last week i un plugged both sub amps to hide some wiring just in the boot and re connected them in the same place same wires to same amps and never touched the speaker amp and now when i turn my car on the both sub amps work but the speaker amp wont turn on but it will if i run constant power to it i unplug the remote wire and run both sub amps and as soon as i put the remote wire on the speaker amp it shuts all the amps off and even when i run the remote straight from headunit to speaker amp it still wont turn on tested the remote wire its putting out 7volts any way of fixing this problem if it makes sence any ideas will be more than happy with cheers.

patch 11-06-12 23:21

Sounds like a dead short

Check that the speaker amp positive+ and negative- arent touch, and also that the speaker wires arent touching either

HTURBO 12-06-12 10:54

Run your amp wire(gain wire) in series to each amp.

ryuwet 12-06-12 14:50

PATCH : cheaked the positive and negative nothing is touching anything they all have clips on them so no exposed wire at all.

HTURBO: if u mean as in 1 amp to another thats all done its in a spliter to all the amps straight from the battery

patch 12-06-12 15:46

if nothing is obvious, disconnect each speaker one by one and hopefully that should tell u if any of the speakers are shorting out, if it shows nothing, at least u can eliminate the speakers as the problem

your next step would be to check the amp. firstly, plug your speakers into the amp your using for the subs. if it all works, th speakers are fine

then plug your subs into the speakers amp, if the same problem happens, that amp is the fault.

let us know how u go

HTURBO 12-06-12 18:20


Originally Posted by ryuwet (Post 2934082)
HTURBO: if u mean as in 1 amp to another thats all done its in a spliter to all the amps straight from the battery

Na, I was talking about the trigger wire from the deck. Running it in series will keep it a constant 12volt. When running multiply amps & split the gain wire into 2 or 3 it halves the current by 2 or 3. Which some amps need a good burst of power to trigger it. LOL. Geez I better stop drinking. Did that make sense??

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