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adrian-85 23-09-12 13:28

[fs - vic]
no longer for sale

adrian-85 23-09-12 17:34

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Pics added. Please no time wasters!

MICKYYYY 26-09-12 15:40

Does the ecu control the shifting for the transmission?

MRN4SA 26-09-12 17:46


Originally Posted by MICKYYYY (Post 2963664)
Does the ecu control the shifting for the transmission?


full manual valve body

vipsle 26-09-12 18:34

sick car

adrian-85 26-09-12 21:23

I believe the trans is connected to the ecu, as its an electronic AU box. Well thats what I was told through previous owner. Not sure how being full man, but will look into it :)
Good question!!!

PROGMH 27-09-12 07:10

If it has a full manual valvebody, there aint no ECU shifting gears for you.
Awesome price for what it is, should sell fast.

adrian-85 27-09-12 23:20

Thanks! Being full man I could only assume the same thing! Unsure if it controls pressures or maybe just runs a speedo sensor through it. Will suss it out through Jim mock when I get time.

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Also had a couple of guys suss the car, maybe thinking they can build one over night as no money talks took place! If anyone wants info, feel free to call... But don't waste my time sussing it for ideas not purchase :)

MICKYYYY 28-09-12 15:59

As far as im aware no one has designed a full hydrolic MVB aka manual valve body for the BTR transmission...

I do know the wolf V500 ecu can control the BTR transmission and very likely the case for your XE. The BTR trans has a very complex valve body and apprently cant be done according to DTM transmission. The ecu controls line pressures and like any other MVB car it will do the same but you can put it in drive and it will drive like any other normal car...

Did Jim Mock do the whole car and you purchased it as is?

SKDMUP 28-09-12 16:19

Why are you selling this already ??
Didnt you only just get it ??

adrian-85 28-09-12 19:56

Car was purchased as is, I have not touched mechanicals.
Interesting facts to know, and I appreciate the knowledge! I will get intouch with dtm tomorrow and see Jim mock also. Fact remains I'm selling the car, if you would like info on it please call.
Reason for sale is my business, but I assure you that the car has no issues, and to run a better number then it has with the current tune/power. Car has made 330-340rwkw but was set as is for max reliability as it was intended to get raced regularly. Previous owner sold the car due to moving north and not being able to use the local air strip to muck around and no tracks were close enough for his liking.
Thanks gentlemen!

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I will take 7k even as is,
I may drop a couple hundred without slicks and 90-10 shocks.
Price is rock solid!!!!

adrian-85 02-10-12 23:24

If not sold by the weekend, saturday I will be purchasing a rego'd car for transplant :)

adrian-85 07-10-12 11:50

Donor vehicle aquired. Thanks anyway guys

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