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TroyVK 23-01-12 15:07

Anyone entered or just heading up?

InsaneVL 23-01-12 15:24

I'm entered. Got me a Garage too.

TroyVK 23-01-12 15:32

I haven't entered yet
Was hoping to get a carport but I'd say there all gone

I'm keen to do a few laps!

CLNGMH 24-01-12 09:09

really, ill come just to take a picture of your car on the track Troy.

TroyVK 24-01-12 10:52

I haven't entered yet
But will b paying it in the next couple days

Let's hope it doesn't break lol

AVG45 24-01-12 13:19


vanstrien 24-01-12 17:13

entering tomorrow, cant wait. what events people going in?

TroyVK 24-01-12 17:24

If my tyres arrive I'll b going in the drags otherwise just the cruising
Might throw it on the dyno to

mighty6 24-01-12 17:54

Ive got a garage, should be sweet, cant wait for powerskids.

TroyVK 24-01-12 18:04

Nice goran
Might have to give u a run and c how I go against u

calais25t 24-01-12 18:25

TroyVK 24-01-12 19:56

You must have a fetish with fast n furious or have a man crush on Paul walker or vin diesel

Are you bringing your car to powerplay?

calais25t 24-01-12 20:16

Yeah I''l be there, be good to see ur supra in action

---------- Post added 24-01-12 at 21:18 ----------

, sounds like a weapon :D

TroyVK 25-01-12 06:44

Yeah it's nickname is WMD....

sherman89 25-01-12 06:48

Details sound good, but the nickname sounds lame.

AVG45 25-01-12 13:34

Does WMD stand for WONT MAKE DEBUT

TroyVK 25-01-12 14:39

Nah it's already debuted
It stands for won't meet deadline

calais25t 25-01-12 16:33


Originally Posted by TroyVK (Post 2882303)
Nah it's already debuted
It stands for won't meet deadline

Im surprised you managed to get it shipped back from making its debut at SEMA auto show in time for powerplay.

TroyVK 25-01-12 17:53

I've got connections

HYPED6 25-01-12 18:18

I asked Mr Google....... He said "Weapon of mass destruction"

MTY-50 25-01-12 22:18

Id be taking the Wog Chariot if i was a bit more organized. I hate just watching!!

251NFL 26-01-12 08:39

lmao @ this thread!

TroyVK 26-01-12 09:48

Are u taking yours?

mighty6 26-01-12 22:52


Originally Posted by TroyVK (Post 2881948)
Nice goran
Might have to give u a run and c how I go against u

Sweet mate, sounds good.

vanstrien 27-01-12 02:04

Sweeet pit pass aquired, good ol Facebook coming through for me lol
Getting very excited, going in the drags, powerskids and the obvious cruise sessions :)

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