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SIroller 06-02-12 20:56

sick. i'm at another office tmw i'll re-read this and organise a deposit or set aside $$

-pumba- 06-02-12 22:42

sounds wicked, so your ready for us to start sending money and orders ??

XCHASE 06-02-12 23:01

Ready when you are pm me details thanks

SIroller 07-02-12 09:05

deposited full amount and sent email with screenprint and postage details

Win :D

can't wait to get the one with lights. I purchased and have been restoring some bonnet lining so the lights will be a schmick touch

patch 07-02-12 15:02

deposited full amount just then :)

-pumba- 07-02-12 21:04

ill be depositing my money thursday as soon as i get paid, does the price include postage ? didnt see anythign written there about postage, may have missed it though

XCHASE 07-02-12 21:57

Hey mate. Made payment. Included $10 extra for postage. As above its a little unclear. Left user name as reference. Will pm address details.

Thanks Steve

SIroller 07-02-12 22:51

says something about checking auspost for parcel costs. i paid $11.20 which is retail for 1 3kg pre paid bag.

TheChad 08-02-12 03:27

paid! cant wait to get this in so i can hook up my 2 step and intercooler sprays propperly, rather than dodgied off the handbrake and cigarette lighter lol!

EvilPet 08-02-12 03:29

I paid literally seconds after I got the email. Like you I'm keen to get it too.

Gab dH 08-02-12 13:38

Full amount paid, plus $9 postage as per Niche's PM for anyone interested postage is $9 for 1 $12 for 2.

Niche 09-02-12 05:11

oops, sorry for any confusion guys, SIroller is correct, linked to Austpost so people could work out the postage regime to suit them, will mod that later this week when transferring to general for sale, as I mentioned you guys on this thread come first and hats of to obsehsn for prodding me to take a closer look in the first place, illnes and busy on odd things have kept me away since recently,

Thanks for interest, I aim to please and save greenhouse gases ;-) ie. Lets keep the cars going and avoid dumbing down by the car companies, the VL series is certainly a good starting point for customising and hope to see this as a trend people are getting educated to be creative and do their own thing, a sofa on wheels is what we start with, so lets make it pleasurable and interesting and a classic :-)



INFLYTmelb 09-02-12 10:08

how long is turn around at this point?

Niche 09-02-12 19:06

3 to 4 weeks, main part orders go out this week,
so till end of this friday is any suggestions for mods/improvements etc to be considered

KALAY 09-02-12 20:34

Niche, thanks for the message.

just a few questions.

I'm ready to deposit, can i do it via internet bank transfer?

secondly, the postage, i can't figure out the link, $20 enough to cover it? i'll put $135 in tomorrow for you if so

Niche 10-02-12 01:15

i realise the postage link is not the best, shipment is via express for one off in 500gm bags and 2 or more off to fit in 3Kg austpost express bags, make it $10 for the postage and that will be fine, internet banking seems to be the preferred way - there is great competition and no need to go into bank to pay some other bank a fee, someone said a bank wanted to charge a $35 Telegraphic Transfer fee for an interbank transfer since ING is an Australian bank - some incompetent tellers out there <guh>, internet bank transfer is quick, secure (check your system for trojans regularly) and pretty cheap, most around 25 to 50c ING is free...

Cheers, Mike

Forgot to say, someone asked re ultraviolet lights (UV) instead of white ones as they were considering
putting fluorescent paint and lettering on various engine parts ie. It would appear as if the
labels and parts themselves were lit up - can do that to as an option, since the cable leds are on plug-in
leads and can be swapped out to suit at any time, could be quite freaky as the UV light itself
appears dim but the light coming from the paint would be awesome. Cost for high power UV is
only a little more than white...

KALAY 10-02-12 06:48

sWEET Niche.

im off to work now, but i'll xfer when i get there

---------- Post added 10-02-12 at 10:57 ----------

and emailed

TRB006 10-02-12 12:35

Funds Transferred, email sent with receipt attached. Ohhhhhh yeah!!!

-pumba- 11-02-12 09:16

money, screenshot, and email sent. cant wait for this : )

jamesyvl 12-02-12 21:11

Just ordered one as well - had one on my last car and regretted not removing it.

Niche 13-02-12 00:56

Saw one of my oldie version 1 fuserails on a VL some months ago at a service station but with inline glass fuses leading to it all over the place, what a mess - I couldnt believe it, what a waste of space and so difficult to diagnose - driven by a 19yr old girl who said her boyfriend did it and he loved driving it - didnt have the heart so suggest it might be tidied up a bit <groan>

devl88 14-02-12 03:09

are there any left ?

Niche 14-02-12 04:55

Yes, roughly 15 to 20, depends on what happens today (tues),

ie. If anyone is interested in placing an order I will tell them "at the time"
if there are places, so far there are a few, as I check the lists and queue
as to who gets their's when, its a matter of managing a limited number to try
to help people here first, as I have more respect for the way this forum is run
over many others and believe this is the place that has far more concentrated
and thoughtful smarter members... Sorry for pissing in yer pockets but you lot
are an interesting bunch, first the vagaries of the VL, then philosophy then
we take Berlin !

xAsh- 14-02-12 19:09

Still gotta send me your bank details niche!

-pumba- 14-02-12 19:31

they are on a page or 2 back

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