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VLT 88 19-11-08 17:50

Marks 'PROVLT'
Thought now that my car has actually started id make a thread i could update to keep you guys in the know how the car is coming along like EVL and fmx939's threads...

Got this car when i was 17,(is my first car) bout 2 weeks before i got my licence... started off life as the good old grandma spec na auto with 147,000k's on the clock.

drove the thing for about a year and wanted more power so i took it to a mates workshop as all i knew about cars was change the oil... and did the turbo conversion with a stock t3 set-up and stock turbo computer etc etc with cooler and 3inch exhaust malpassi etc.... whet pretty good on 10psi and made 150rwkw from memory... also got the keas full manual 4spd with 2800 converter at this time as the stock auto shat itself.

then next i learned it was leaning out a lil and i could fix the problem with an aftermarket ecu... but i was living in melbourne and was about to move to perth. so i quit my job and with my holiday and sick day pay out, it was off to bresciani racing for a microtech ecu, new cam and tune...
this resulted in learning the injectors i had in it werent turbo ones they were somewhere in between turbo and na hence why it was previosly leaning out, so bresciani did a safe tune on it on only 6psi untill i could get some new injectors... then i moved to perth.

got to perth and raced it for the first time... went 13.1@101mph on only 6 psi which i was quite inmpressed with, but still it was soo close to a 12 so i went on a mission to run that 12 second pass... drove it round for a bit while i saved my money and blew the head gasket so corri and i changed that and it was sweet again... tax time came! so i got a set of gtr injectors, jd plenum, hi flow turbo, external gate, ebay low mount manifold etc and got it tuned to 12 psi... wasnt happy with the power it made so got it tuned again to 14psi and took it down the track on street tyres... after a couple of meets got it down to a 12.5@108mph... i was stoked got the 12 i was hunting!!

then the converter blew up so i replaced it with a bigger 3500 one. took it back to the track and could only manage 12.8's etc...
ended up finding a worn out set of track slicks in a tyre bin whilst lookin for burnout tyres... so i whacked then on and took it to the track! 12.3@108mph! drove it like this for a long time untill i got over it... car came off the road and i brought a daily driver na vl.

whilst the car was off the road she coped a 35/40 and a whole load of polished crap to make they bay look nicer... keeping the na bottom end still... also put a transbrake in her and a freshen up of the auto... got it tuned to 14psi, on the dyno didnt make any more power but on the road was a different car! heaps better... that lasted the 30min long way haome and pulled into my driveway with a dead big end bearning!! :( so off the road she comes again...

found a cheap genuine turbo botton end off these forums... and sent it to bresciani along with the head... 8 months later i have the motor back with a whole bunch of plans for the car... including the powerglide thats on its way and all.

when she ran 12.3's

the set-up that lasted 30mins lol

new motor

how she sits now

cheers guys, will keep this updated as the car comes along.

bubalu 19-11-08 17:58

tuff car mate!!!

burgo88 19-11-08 18:12

sikkkk, 9s here u come

TheChad 19-11-08 18:22

im still yet to ever see this car move. i've only ever seen it out the front of tafe or your work parked.
going to be sweet.

going to put a cage in it?

Oliver 19-11-08 18:48

Good work Mark keep us updated...

KLAPSI 19-11-08 19:14

nice motor mate good luck with the car

EVL 19-11-08 19:16

Love it man, hurry that glide up!

Stooge 19-11-08 19:53

Looks awesome Mark. All the polished stuff makes it look hell nice. Hope its running soon.

VLT 88 19-11-08 20:02


Originally Posted by TheChad
im still yet to ever see this car move. i've only ever seen it out the front of tafe or your work parked.
going to be sweet.

going to put a cage in it?


thanks for the comments guys!

yeah mate will be caged. eventually. i have already purchased the weld in cage kit from over east and is sitting at my parents house in melbourne, all ready to be sent over... so thats where it will sit untill the time comes where i might need it. :) i want to concentrate on getting it running first.
but the cage is a 4 point weld in cage with side intrusions thats good for a 9.99 which is plenty enough for what i want to run. plus the extra 2 points are not that expensive so i can always add to it later if need be. but it wont be going that fast! lol

ILMANRD 19-11-08 20:38

love the car mate cant wait to see it out and about u dont wana sell it do you? lol

VLT 88 19-11-08 20:49

cheers dude, nah mate you always hang onto the one that pops ya cherry lol

EVL 19-11-08 20:55


Originally Posted by VLT 88
cheers dude, nah mate you always hang onto the one that pops ya cherry lol

lol you don't have to, she might be a nagging bitch!

VLT 88 19-11-08 21:25


MaZzA 19-11-08 23:29

nice work mark
u must be stoked
keep us updated

HoldenOn 19-11-08 23:44

Good writeup and great work with the car Mark. Bring on the 10's.... :)

VLT 88 20-11-08 10:27

cheers holdenon, hopefully :)

dont worry leads will be alot neater lol just slapped em on to cover the holes for now...

Steve 20-11-08 11:19

Good work Markus

VLT 88 20-11-08 16:19

cheers steve!

Unseen 20-11-08 17:11

new motor looks good mark. well done..what power are u hoping for?

VLT 88 20-11-08 17:36

dont give two shits bout power figures lol
i just want to run a 10 on pump for now... dunno when that will happen tho still need and msd ignition 3 bar map sensor etc etc. as i said before just concentrating on getting it going and run in...

stocker31 20-11-08 17:48

SEN-SATIONAL! love the car man, the white and sliver VL... So who is doing the ECU wiring? Is it going to be hidden?

Xibit0r 20-11-08 17:51

Great work mate... it was quick before, its going to be damn fast now!

How come stock coil?

VLT 88 20-11-08 19:37

having a go at repairing the wiring myself with DeVL... as its already wired up just pitbull puppies love the taste of them :(. if we cant do it roto's will.

ive been told that the stock coil with the msd will be enough... but if its not thats too easy to change... but all that will come with time, lol third time just getting it going first then will sort out the issues when the big tune comes...

genki 20-11-08 19:55

goodluck with it mark :D

I hope when it's done you still drive it around heaps :)

this white VL has been through heaps and is somewhat a "veteran" now imo ;) had different changes in parts etc, different times..each time the numbers getting lower, deserves the 10 now :) the cars come a long way

RB_ENVY 20-11-08 21:21

hey mark awsum car mate.cnt wait to see down the quater.good luck with everythin mate

forgot to add did you eva end up usin the block i sold u?

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