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chunks 30-12-12 13:38

Any updates on this beast Brendan?

EVLRB30 30-12-12 15:43


Originally Posted by chunks (Post 2985136)
Any updates on this beast Brendan?

Hey yeah probly a bit to update since the last time I was in this thread, car has ran a PB of 9.13@152 mph in Adelaide back in July car has been running strong as I'm starting to get on top of things now, but I have pulled the engine out to give it a check over and put some decent rods in it before I turn up the boost, so I'm hoping to have it back out mid 2013 just depends on the $$$$ lol

vlct2010 30-12-12 17:21

Its always th money that slows us down isnt it... ;) keep up th good work

chunks 30-12-12 22:05

Yeh I know what you mean, between paying the mortgage and all of life's other expenses the toys seem to come last! What rods are going in it?

EVLRB30 31-12-12 06:43

Yes exactly right That reminds me I better check my x lotto ticket:) got a custom set of rods direct from the USA

chunks 31-12-12 07:31

What rods were you running before?

EVLRB30 31-12-12 13:03

Scat h beams

Jet R31 31-12-12 15:50

Can't wait to see this thing on kill!

EVLRB30 31-12-14 22:43

Wow ct is dead these days!! Watch this space in 2015!!

vltnitron 01-01-15 16:11

i'm still here brenno

Jet R31 04-01-15 10:32 better get my vl streeter going this year
you going full ma-choco spec brendan?..

EVLRB30 04-01-15 19:22

Yeah quite a few changes front to back, if it doesn't go 8's now I'll turn it into a dirt circut car and race corran

INFLYT 10-10-16 16:31


Originally Posted by XCHASE (Post 2414141)
Yep Allen's. Want quality start with A in the yellow pages. Search no further.

Thread mine, but funnily enough you and him now look up M in the Yellow Pages.

XCHASE 10-10-16 18:01


Originally Posted by INFLYT (Post 3071978)
Thread mine, but funnily enough you and him now look up M in the Yellow Pages.

Nothing wrong with A but we went to M which clearly stands for MORE POWER.:ninja:

Congrats on the 8.93 last weekend on your second pass out in the car since the Maatouks touch Brendan. Been a while out of the saddle too. Will only go quicker here on out!

calaist5 11-10-16 13:48

Woo hoo, action on the SA page.

Congrats Brendan

EVLRB30 11-10-16 16:46

Wow I been on here in ages, thanks Steve finally a 8 second pass haha few more tweeks left yet

3lturbo 12-10-16 12:26

Congrats mate. What size tyre you running?

EVLRB30 12-10-16 16:41


Originally Posted by 3lturbo (Post 3072013)
Congrats mate. What size tyre you running?

Thanks I have got a 28x11.5 on there now

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