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itsnotaVK 20-02-14 00:36

Ono747 8.97@153.4
Well done to Sherman89, finally cracking a 8 on a radial tyre

Here's a video of a few run's from tonight

PWR 747 20-02-14 06:58

congrats mate, awesome time. What tyres? ET's?

HYPO SR 20-02-14 07:29

255 et street

sherman89 20-02-14 08:07

Thank you!

rb30et/glide/42x/e85/basically standard rear end, tuned Next Up Performance.

Done with 2 headlights and on et streets :)

Glad I didn't need to go full Coleyz and post my own thread congratulating myself on a PB.

rb3torana 20-02-14 09:53

Top effort, what boost? Cheers

sherman89 20-02-14 14:18

Was on 36!

rb3torana 20-02-14 15:02

Good MPH for 36psi :D. Out of curiosity around how much timing has it got at 36? Understandable if you dont want to give away too much ;). Cheers

VlTurboM8 20-02-14 16:14

Good effort Kyle!
On 255 et streets only.
what happened to the borgwarner billet 76mm? went back to a 71mm 42?
also still got a hydraulic cam in it?

COLEYZ 20-02-14 19:07

It's called keeping people that are interested in my car up to date how it went. Hate to luv myself ya flog! Congrats on the 8 tho!

grunter01 20-02-14 20:13

congrats sherman...

Jet R31 20-02-14 20:51

sick titties, thats awesome.

turbodave 20-02-14 23:14

Awesome time. How do you get 255 60 15 under the back?

ezduz10s 21-02-14 08:31

Well done, with that MPH to run an 8.97 its obvious by the vids its getting out of the whole straight as an arrow and to do it with stock suspension is killer although i'm sure there is some nice little tweaks under the rear end :)

DUF588 04-03-14 18:58

Congrats champ for bring it home with a 255 radial all the hard work has paid off... Shore to see more quicker numbers out of your car and congrats to next up performance for all the hard work.... You must have learnt a lot from us at Calder:p see ya at jambo
NEW PB 8.9@155mph

sohc2 16-03-14 15:23

Hey mate I spoke to you at Jamboree for a bit. Im building the same sort of setup as your car. Just wondering what diff/axles/centre you were running at Jamboree?


sherman89 16-03-14 18:22

Hey mate, I am using 31spine axles and an lsd centre from g&j diffs in Melbourne, with a t/a diff cover (that the braces were loose on). I don't have the diff out yet but I suspect it will be gears!

sohc2 16-03-14 22:30


Originally Posted by sherman89 (Post 3043802)
Hey mate, I am using 31spine axles and an lsd centre from g&j diffs in Melbourne, with a t/a diff cover (that the braces were loose on). I don't have the diff out yet but I suspect it will be gears!

Cheers for the reply mate, so the housing is a VLturbo diff housing not a 9 inch?

sherman89 17-03-14 06:58

Yeah mate! Will stay that way for ever I'd say!

itsnotaVK 20-03-14 08:09

New PB 8.81@157.9
So here's an update on ONO747, a fair bit has changed in the past month with a new head combo going on the car we ran back to back 8.91@155 a few weeks ago. After this we make the trip to sydney only to have the diff break 20ft off the start line on the very first qualifying run.

With another set of std gears in the car we headed to the track last night with the car exactly how we had it prepped for Jamboree. I think we were all surprised with a 8.81@157.9 off the trailer backing it up 30mins later with a 8.85@156.5

New Pb to half on the first run and a new 60ft pb on the second run of 1.362, Once again a massive congrats to Shermn89 it's been a long hard road but with results like this it makes it worth all the pain.

We will be taking a break from the track for a few months but keep an eye out for us with a new setup in the lead up to Brisbane Jamboree

Video from last night

Cheers John

sherman89 20-03-14 17:10

Thanks John, another tough night at the track!!

Time for a few changes :)

<NICK> 20-03-14 20:21

awesome time ! tuff looking car , congrats!

rb3torana 20-03-14 22:01

Good work mate, sounded as strong as ever :).

ezduz10s 06-10-14 08:14

what diff gear ratio are you running Sherman89?

vin-vlt 27-11-14 10:08

any updates?
How did you get the BorgWarner to stop from grenade'ing?

sherman89 30-11-14 08:09

Have had a small break due to driving gokarts/work/life but I will hopefully head to the track before Christmas with a few small changes!

Diff has broken once at WSID, broke the gears, other than that i run radials and dont leav

---------- Post added 30-11-14 at 08:11 ----------

I have been busy driving gokarts/working/living so until the last few weeks i have not had much spare time for the car but i plan on heading to the track before Christmas with a little more power!

I have broke diff gears once, other than that i have had a good run with the borg warner, has 31spline axles and one of those rear cover/brace things. Plus i run radials and dont try leaving the line at 40 psi and 6k rpm.

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