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[PSI-FTW] 28-01-14 14:53

Help needs from the CT Community.. Keep your eyes open for me please.
Hi guys,
So here the story, I sold my VLT in 2010, a Black VLT formerly PSI-FTW plated.

Car was sold with Rego XRZ- 255

Now, Iv been contacted by the Police telling me the plates have been involved in a few home robberies.

They come to me as I am the last registered owner of the car.

I am asking everyone to keep an eye out for these plates on any car and to contact me on 0413794660 or PM me with any info you have.

I want to catch these guys before anyone else gets robbed and or injured etc.

Thank you all for your help!

aus880 28-01-14 16:11

Or preferably call the police on 000 if you see or hear anything

pickled 29-01-14 07:39

Yeah, no need to be a vigilante and take matters into your own hands, these guys could be armed and dangerous!

SIroller 29-01-14 12:07

the police didn't mentio what type of car theyre currently fitted to?

[PSI-FTW] 30-01-14 08:31

Hey guys, not being a vigilanty, any info I get is being past onto the police investigating the matter.
No word on the type of vehicle just that the plates were used.

Thanks for the help guys!

Steff 30-01-14 21:57

Curious.. Are the cops hounding you for it even though you sold the car?

A car i sold was used in a hit and run accident and they phoned me from pakenham station! Lol i showed them proof of sale and thats it. I let them deal with it..

SIroller 19-02-14 13:53

yeah but he sold it unregistered from what i can tell. in vic you need to sell with rwc to be able to legaly sell with plates.

so the cops could be laying responsibility n him. eg i have my old plates on the roof of my shed if someone ever nicked them i might have an issue as i declared them cut up instead of handed in. theyre from my first car.

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