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psipig 25-02-13 05:33

difference in vl calais stock radios?
I have 2 vl calais stock radios with digital read out, and the faces of them are slightley defferent.
One has the holden lion emblen on the caset door and has 2 extra buttons on it up in the right hand corner (APS-DNR)
The second one i have is the same execpt it doesent have the (APS-DNR) buttons on it and has a square blank off with the holden lion on it in there place, Also the caset door is defferent as well it still has the holden on it but doesent have the lion on it.

What i want to know is one a berlina and the other calais? if so whitch one is whitch ???

Are they different years ???

Is one a walkinshaw radio ???

Is there a s1 and s2 ? if so whitch one is whitch ???

I have a 88 calais turbo s2 and i want to put the corect radio back in it so whitch one do i use any help or info will be appreciated thanks.

Boyracer 25-02-13 09:58

The one with the extra buttons in the corner would be the Calais one and the one with the logo would be Berlina.

psipig 26-02-13 04:44

thanks mate

87VLSL 26-02-13 12:40

Yeah, most likley the one with the extra functions would be the Calais radio.

Have you got pics of them to post up?

psipig 27-02-13 04:31

I can get pics of them but i dont know how to post them on here?

Antho 28-07-13 19:11

I have the original calais radio packed away somewhere, will try to dig it out in the next week or so

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Edit - just looked then the one with the 2 extra buttons as you described is the one I have and came out of a Calais

TRELL4 29-07-13 10:17

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Sorry for the crap photo but thats all 3 different types of tape decks for VL's calais Berlina and SL

Calais has 2 little buttons in the top corner witch the berlina doesn't

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