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genki 16-06-08 20:18


Originally Posted by EVL
Cheers fellas!!!
just have to fill the gearbox up with oil, source an engine dipstick (somehow lost mine :S), put the plenum back on, source a 3" to 87mm(ish) silicon adaptor and i can turn the key :)

OMG! you are so close! what r u waiting for!!!! haha

getting it tuned will be fun.,.

then do a skid! then again, the way the weather has been lately........hmmmm

also take the rockercover/head cover off.. looks way better showing the leads ("the twincam valley")

burgo88 16-06-08 20:23


Originally Posted by EVL
Cheers fellas!!!

I'm really excited about it, can't wait to see how the power will come on!
brakes have been upgraded, time will tell if it was enough tho!!!

decided on an 80mm throttle body instead of the xf so had to ge the plenum modded to suit.

got the leads custom made, just have to fill the gearbox up with oil, source an engine dipstick (somehow lost mine :S), put the plenum back on, source a 3" to 87mm(ish) silicon adaptor and i can turn the key :)

i got a dipstick is it for a 25det? i think i got one on my other motor itll cost ya a skid tho :)

EVL 16-06-08 20:37

burgo: cheers for the offer dude but i actually need one for rb30, i'm assuming they are different. also a skid will prob cost me about $300 lol!!

genki: cheers yeh she's close just ran out of time on sunday night. i will keep the cover on, imo it makes it look incomplete having 6 dirty 10mm leads tangled everywhere haha

pedro 25t 16-06-08 20:43

that looks great dude. well done. cant wait 2 see it on boost. lol

did ya manage to get all of ya plenum bolts in??????

i cant get one in ay,not enough room 4 the bolt to go in one hole:confused:

EVL 16-06-08 20:53

pedro: just ended up getting some threaded bar dude, makes it a bit easier for that tricky one

Oliver 16-06-08 20:59

Chris I've got a dipstick for you

EVL 16-06-08 21:00

thanks ol, are you busy wednesday arvo after 3:30?? if not i'll drop in, got some grolsch from work if your keen? lol

pedro 25t 17-06-08 00:23


Originally Posted by EVL
pedro: just ended up getting some threaded bar dude, makes it a bit easier for that tricky one

oh righto, might see wot i can do.

mdbvlct 17-06-08 23:40

that looks mad .. exp the gate straight off the exh housing lol
vwd m8

EVL 17-06-08 23:46

thanks mate! fingers crossed she starts no drama's on a rb25 base map. as soon as it does i'll book it in to be tuned for a couple of weeks after, give me some time to neaten everything up and triple check it all, then the fun begins. it owes me LOL

EVL 23-06-08 00:10

Well guy's I'm happy to announce that after 1 years, 6 months, almost to the day, my twin cam vlct finally purred to life (or growled). Video below, we got it all ready to start at the death knock this weekend and luckily she came through for us.
Points to note before any comments are made:
- yes we had to short the starter motor to fire it up, I haven't hooked up neutral start and ignition because we still have a B&M to put in
- yes i can see the smoke
- no there is no radiator cap or overflow hooked up, we really only just wanted to see if it would go before the night was through.

It sounds like an animal with the cams, granted there is no exhaust hooked up but...


YouTube Video

Steve 23-06-08 00:17

Awesome stuff Chris :D

genki 23-06-08 00:42

that is truely amazing :D

sounds wicked.

everything appears to be smooth sailing, hope u get her up and running with no problems, and get good power :)

EVL 23-06-08 00:51

Thanks Steve & Genki

Don't get me wrong it's been a hard road, but I don't like broadcasting painful stuff :)

Can't run in to too many drama's from here on in though!!

vltyc 23-06-08 00:58

Looks awsome mate should make good power. cant wait to see vids of dyno and 1/4 man good luck im so jelous.:D

pedro 25t 23-06-08 01:09

when i came up there today chris, i didnt think u would have it goin m8, but u 2 fellas must of not stopped all day:eek:

well done champ, good to here it running.:cool: :cool: :cool:

EVL 23-06-08 01:18

haha yeh Pete we had 1 kfc break but it was all business after that! Good to meet ya too dude.

cheers for the comments guys!

pedro 25t 23-06-08 01:34

not sure of his name, but ur m8 is good with the elecs and **** ay????

once again dude, well done.:D

EVL 23-06-08 02:26

i did all the elec work, he's a mechanic, helps just to have someone working with ya, keeps it all focused haha

dceptv 23-06-08 11:50

Well done chris...

Dont worry about mentioning those lil things :)
All part of the build.........

Pete wants to steal your car now ;)

burgo88 23-06-08 13:30

sounds good bro, will go hard im jealous :)

Oliver 23-06-08 16:12

Good to see my dipstick works! You get the indicators sorted? And did you need to thaw out after the bike ride back from my place? :)

vlt88wa 23-06-08 23:16

looks and sounds amazing!!

EVL 15-07-08 18:42

exhaust and shifter is in, just gotta finish the interior and minor elec stuff.

drove it round the block yesterday - incomplete spec.
sounds like nothing i have ever heard, not sure how to describe it, sounds kind of confused lol.

run in tune next week

the 910cc injectors were hard to get the base map running nicely, fouled 3 sets of plugs.

it shoots a constant flame out the exhaust ..

genki 16-07-08 04:09

cant wait to hear what this makes...

i hope u dont have any problems once shes on the dyno.

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