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RB26TTVL 05-10-08 22:27


Originally Posted by EVL
haha it's not quite so loud any more but I'll see what I can do :)

I don't care, just do it.

fmx939 07-10-08 19:53

well done chris :D :D :D :D :D

burgo88 07-10-08 20:14

limiter skid time

EVL 07-10-08 21:08

Thanks fellas, for those that don't know just got home from 20 pound tune...

Finally had a win there! 418hp @ 20psi!!!


fmx939 07-10-08 21:10

PC is gonna be sick broooo :donatello: :donatello: :donatello:

MaZzA 07-10-08 21:15

nice work mate
thats killer

will be good to see ya car at pc
will come over n say gday

EVL 07-10-08 21:29

Thanks guys!!

Yeh perfect timing, she finally came good after all the dramas less than a week b4 powercruise, I'm gonna go for a thrash down the plex tomorrow, try for an 11 :D

MaZzA 07-10-08 21:46

make sure u get some footage too

EVL 07-10-08 21:49

will do, i'll have some tomorrow night

Oliver 07-10-08 22:19

Glad its finally working Chris :) well done with the power figures... Make sure you bring her down to my house next week :D

EVL 08-10-08 00:19

I definitely will mate

ferrett 09-10-08 18:30

did you run it last nite mate?

EVL 09-10-08 19:03

unfortunately had sold out by the time i got down there, it was rained out last week so every mofo had free tickets lol ah well did some transbrake testing instead!

mdbvlct 09-10-08 23:37

good to hear all is goin well chris,i cant read ppls car threads any more cause i get soo jelous my pos wont be good :( *runs out side n fly kicks the car*

EVL 10-10-08 00:20

Thanks man, and LOL @ fly kick. Have to take ya for a spin some time!

mdbvlct 10-10-08 20:18

why? so u can make me more jelous!! haha nuh sounds good m8!! :)

Unseen 11-10-08 00:48

well done on the 400+

EVL 11-10-08 00:51

Thanks man!! it's sooo much fun lol

MaZzA 12-10-08 20:04

saw your car at pc
looked sweet
sounded tough as
nice work

EVL 12-10-08 20:38

Thanks Mazza, had a ball!!!

Unseen 12-10-08 23:10

yeah looked the goods at pc and u and FMX had a couple of good drags down the straight......

EVL 12-10-08 23:27

yehhh man that was soo much fun hope there is footage of that floating around somewhere, definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!!! The car ran unreal all weekend i'm very happy with it. So were the ppl that came for a ride!!! If so many from CT were there how come I didn't see many of you's??

Stooge 13-10-08 12:59

Car looked mint man. You chopped alot of quick cars well done. Saw your car in the car line waiting for the cruise but u werent in it haha

burgo88 13-10-08 14:52

looked sik man, love your engine, hahahaaaa :)

fmx939 13-10-08 15:31

this thing is a beast, was great to go out in it with ya mate! it will break into the 10's so easy!

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