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Domin8 16-01-05 01:57

"MOTORVATION" Teaser pics!
Here's a few quick pics from today! and yes no VL's among these few but did get some of W.A.'s VL's :)

LAGWAGN 16-01-05 13:18

nice pics man

oh who are those cool kids in the background of PSI 355??

Ez-Dic 16-01-05 13:24

killer pics dude

love GM-176 crazy car!!!

Domin8 16-01-05 17:32

Thanks fella's. got heaps more but gunna have to burn em to disc cause theyre huge quality pics :) bout 3-4 mb each.

Some Bored Dude 16-01-05 18:50

I just came back from there... what a blast! nice calaisturbo stand :D - but i forgot my camera :(

PROJKTL 16-01-05 20:12

3 Attachment(s)
heres pics from the first day setup.... was a great weekend fellas (and women :p)

calais_dude 16-01-05 21:10

i remember that black camaro, it was at the 03 easternats it burnt through a set of 17'inch dragway tires in the burnout comp, damn its loud

Steve 16-01-05 21:15

so who got stuck in traffic on the freeway on the way home :D me and Kris were smart and went home down stock rd and South street. I looked over the sides of the bridge and the traffic was banked up so far :p

Some Bored Dude 16-01-05 22:43

im sure the bloke in the camaro was really happy when the back half of his car was burnt, like the panel van, lol.

didnt see the freeway, only live off thomas road (could almost spit on motorplex), was big enough traffic gettin out of the parking.

was a sweeet weekend out tho :)

vl_stunna 16-01-05 23:13

Heaps more pics here- and more to come!

-Max- 17-01-05 00:37

had a great time - here's a couple pics, i'll add some more later

Some Bored Dude 17-01-05 08:49

bwhahaha, that pic with 'TURBOSS' looks like thatfather is grabbin his kid, scared that the cars goonna eat his kit EIther that or he's tring to race you

DISTURBED 21-01-05 15:33

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we had some nice cars there but overall i think out of the 600 odd entrants only 25 of em were worth droolin over. Puts me right off ever goin again, unless its with my ride:) I mean cahhhm on did any1 see that vl with a shotty vs bodykit and 15's??? what da fark are the organisers doin! The events were pretty farkd up when it came to organisation, i sat by the strip for nearly an hour then left coz there was nuffin happenen! SUMMMERNATS SUMMERNATS SUMMERNATS the ONLY car show. But i cant dis motorvation without Puttin both thumbs up for the calais turbo display effort:) Top job guys cars were all lookin fullllllllllllllllllly sik an shiny. Top work! Hopefull the organisors can pull there finger out next year for 06!

Heres dat motorvation worthy vl hahahahhaha what the?

vl_stunna 21-01-05 16:08

Yeah they definitely need stricter standards for entrants in 2006- i mean they let a NA calais in ffs! Hehe jjks steve- car looked shiny as!
And Dan my car better be in that 25!

The dyno was the worst organized thing of the whole weekend-i mean Shanes PSI 355 and Uncle Slakos supercharged VR (both HUGE in the HP stakes) didnt even get a run because losers with their >200HP sh!tboxes took all the spots. No one wants to see stock cars on the dyno and it wouldve been a much bigger drawcard for Formulatech if they hadve had entry requirements.

I hope next years is better.

I might just go take this up with Mr Treasure.

dA0k 21-01-05 16:53

Who seen the VL with the VN V6 engine transplant it in.... :/

Wilko 21-01-05 17:43

Yea I agree Dan. I didnt put mine in because I didnt think it was ready but after seeing half, actually more than half of the cars there I regret not putting mine in. Next year for sure!!

wagonshaw 21-01-05 18:26

hey anyone see that fully sick wagon it was black with walky kit? that thing was nuts :P

1sickvl 21-01-05 18:31

yea but the bloke who owns it is a tosser haha ;)

wagonshaw 21-01-05 19:01

hahahaha dont know never met the bloke. i here the woman just want his sexy body though i so wish i was him lol j/k

Steve 21-01-05 19:15

hahaaha yeah i saw that dodgy vl with the VS kit on it... took a few photos, but they were with Kris's camera. And the guy with the VL with the VN motor.. had a chat with him.. guy was a tool since we arrived sat morning.

Who saw this calais??

its HOT!!!

LAGWAGN 21-01-05 20:43

geez you love your car steve!!:D

ILLUSIV 21-01-05 22:09

isn't that the VL that I chucked a piss on?????? :) :p

Steve 22-01-05 15:19

:eek: piss on ???????


ILLUSIV 22-01-05 16:27

hahaha just kiddin man!


Originally Posted by DasBlitz
:eek: piss on ???????


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