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natracing 21-03-13 06:51

First 10sec pass,big thanks Maatouks racing
Ran my car for the first time at wsid last night.Did a best of 10.6 @ 125mph with a 60ft of 1.55 on 235 m/t radial tyres.Drove there full weight calais and drove home.Car is tuned by Maatouks racing,on e85.Car makes 410hp at 21psi.Very big thanks to Anth for a great tune and advice.

vlct2010 21-03-13 07:20

big congrats mate... well done u running auto id imagine??

natracing 21-03-13 07:54

Yes its 2 speed glide and transbrake.12psi transbrake launch went 10.6.Will launch it a bit harder next time.

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Yes its 2 speed glide and transbrake.12psi transbrake launch went 10.6.Will launch it a bit harder next time.

3lturbo 21-03-13 10:23

Good stuff. What setup you running ie. forged motor, what turbo?

madrex 21-03-13 11:20

Awsome mate

Nukz 21-03-13 13:32

Congrats bud

natracing 21-03-13 15:16

Im using an internal gate ford 35/40,with modded flapper on std low mount manifold.Seems to be working well so far on United e85.

obsesv 21-03-13 17:05

good effort man, spotted your car there last night, i was the other white over silver calais there haha, car looks good man!

tzatziki 21-03-13 17:22

well done !!!!!

any pic's or vids of ur pass ?????

rb0747 21-03-13 18:38

Good stuff mate .
Well done anth !!!

grunter01 21-03-13 18:39

Well done, did they kick a stick with having no cage?

bachig24u 21-03-13 18:49

you should be able to get a good launch at 14psi.

We came out on Street Nankang 235/60/15's, ran 12.1's @ 122MPH (22psi) on Premium with slightly smaller Hybrid Turbo with full weight Calais and a full 120KG driver.

what was your reaction time? Did you manage to get it down under a .100?

using E85 tells me your beast has a lot more potential to tap in to.. NICE !! Get Anthony to dial in more grunt :)

natracing 21-03-13 19:28

No pics as yet,waitng for cacklingpipes to put them up.Didnt get pulled up for no cage,didnt even get hassled for no andra lic,so will have another crack before i have to get a cage.

YEEHAA 22-03-13 16:20

Good stuff man well done ! Did it pick the left wheel up?
Look forward too seeing pics !

Morgan 23-03-13 06:54

Awesome time man !! , are you running a biggish convertor , cheers

natracing 24-03-13 04:30

not sure if it lifted the wheel,will see when pics are has a 3500rpm convertor.

TOY747 24-03-13 07:24

Good work mate.. Awesome time for such a basic setup..

natracing 11-04-13 12:01

got the boot from wsid
Took vl out to wsid last night street 2 runs in and then got booted for no cage.ran 10.4@129 and 10.4@131mp,h.on full slicks this time.cage time now.a mate also got booted 10.9@125mph,good nite of racing

INFLYT 12-04-13 16:05

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natracing 12-04-13 19:49

Thanks inflyt,cant wait to see the other photos.

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