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obseshn 04-01-12 20:22

LED fuse rails by niche
ok guys i have been speaking to Niche about these fuse rails as he is selling the patent. he said if i get enough interest he may do another small batch with enough interest. if you are interested in one of these LED fuse rails please let me know so i can get him to do a small batch

EVL HDT 04-01-12 20:39

im keen, any idea on price ?

obseshn 04-01-12 20:43

no idea on price as of yet as he is going to try and find out next week if he can find a contractor to make them cheaper than where they were originaly beeing made they were originaly 89+ postage

---------- Post added 04-01-12 at 18:45 ----------

i just got off the phone to niche. he is going to let me know early next week whether he is able to make a batch as he has alot of other stuff on at the moment with other projects etc. he is ecstatic about the interest in these still and is going to keep in touch with me.

ill keep in touch but please guys keep the interests coming as the more the merrier

brenno 04-01-12 20:56

Def interested put me down for 2

bt1_jet 04-01-12 21:03

yep ill take one

tejay 04-01-12 21:15

I'd be interested in 2.

sherman89 04-01-12 21:20

Yeah I'm down 100%!!

vlwagz 04-01-12 21:26

yeah id probably be keen depending on price.

obseshn 04-01-12 21:34

as soon as i know price id let you all know

rb25vlt8 04-01-12 21:36

Keen for 1

vlwagz 04-01-12 21:36

sounds good mate.

KALAY 04-01-12 21:48


my headlight fuse has been melted into the fuse panel....

InsaneVL 04-01-12 22:01

Put me down for one aswell.

SIroller 04-01-12 22:09

yeah it might be my last chance to grab one. i'm in and have cash in my savings waiting (I'll bust it out and pretend it didn't happen)

best wishes with whatever is going on at home. i guess its great to know there is still interest in the product you spent all that time and effort creating so long ago.

EvilPet 04-01-12 22:11

Put me down for two.

obseshn 04-01-12 22:23

farout better turn out than i expected haha

xAsh- 04-01-12 23:49

I'll take one!

skoota 05-01-12 00:00

I'd be interested in two.

DJ Mitzi 05-01-12 00:21

id be interested in 1 or 2 possibly 3

xAsh- 05-01-12 01:29

Might be worth getting a few, if you dont end up using them later on down the line, it wouldnt be too hard to sell them on here im sure

TheChad 05-01-12 03:05

yeah we have all been waiting for a while ill take one for sure

gold 05-01-12 04:10

Keen for 1

SIKVLT 05-01-12 05:52

put me down for 2 or 3

VLWAGONIT 05-01-12 06:03

keen as for one

turbo3l 05-01-12 06:40

Depending on price i might get two, definently want one

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