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TOY747 29-07-12 11:38

Ex hwy 10.7 @ 130
Congrats EX HWY and Maatouks another very impressive car just went 10.7 @ 130 with an unopened standard A8 block full street leather trim this car is a Gorjus car and what a full streeter should be that gets driven every where....Congrats guys

shaun55 29-07-12 12:52

Yeah mate, well done, pitty ya Mrs wasn't here to see it hahaha

oltoumis 29-07-12 13:07

what other mods.. tranny e85 turbo etc

Katsa 29-07-12 13:16

I love this car, one of the best pics of a bt1 in the street commodores photoshoot with the VY GTS rims on it, is it still manual or has he opted down the auto path

YEEHAA 29-07-12 19:33

Well done mate 130mph is moving! Is this still manual?

EX HWY 30-07-12 15:12

Thanks guys, big thanks to the boys at maatouks racing, it's auto now, 3spd Keas
box, 35/40.

xAsh- 31-07-12 00:53

Cage time! Congrats man. I needa get down there when you and shaun are there and check these rockets out!

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