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NZMike 31-01-11 16:54

Im back
Hello all, after who knows how long I am back with a new VL. Well almost I got a new VL berlina 3L Manual lined up which ill be buying in a few weeks. Not 100% sure on what im gonna do with it yet, just thinking up ideas as i don't want to spend too much on it.
It needs a new paint job so that will probably be first on the list.
Will post pictures when i get some

PSIWPN NZ 31-01-11 16:57

welcome back yeah man post up som pics

vlrb25det 31-01-11 18:04

welcome. Turbo it mate thats the only way to go.

NZMike 31-01-11 19:22

Yea Ive always said I would turbo my old vl, but never got around to it. So I thought I better not say that as it probably wouldn't happen lol. But its still possible.

12maneym 31-01-11 19:55

so youd know my good friend Aaron then?

NZMike 01-02-11 11:48

Everyone knows Aaron. He lived around the road from me for awhile :-P.

Does anyone know what happened to my old VL, Apparently the guy who got it off me was on here and turboed it, but didn't hear anything else about it. The car is my profile picture.

Chris117 01-02-11 12:57

That would be me. Wheels Have been swapped with my VR Clubsport

New Kelford Cam Installed Car running mint on 10psi all day everyday. Eats my mates 20det and 25+t Reakon it would give my Vr a run for its money :D

Only problem i had was blowing the head-gasket when first bolted turbo on cause i didn't do top bleeder and must of got an air bubble.. Witch i thought was bad turbo. I'm still sorry for thinking it was bad turbo. I love the turbo :D I want 2 for my V8

NZMike 01-02-11 14:05

Wow thats awesome. You should give me a ride in it one day :-). Im moving back to chch soon.

Chris117 01-02-11 14:12


Originally Posted by NZMike (Post 2684087)
Wow thats awesome. You should give me a ride in it one day :-). Im moving back to chch soon.

Would be more than happy to :D

UNONT2 01-02-11 16:56

haha all good man,the turbo looks good sitting on top,glad everything is going good with need to dyno it and get a power figure and get that cam dialed in properly

NZ_BT1 02-02-11 15:02

Haha I KNEW you would cave in Mike and get another one :p :p I still remmember the smile on your face when I took you for a thrash in the BT1 when I first bought it :)

NZMike 02-02-11 15:11

yes well that was awesome. And I would also like to see your bt1 again one day, on the road :-P

So everyone, Paint colours! What does everyone think? I like the Yellow. But i don't want to make people think im trying to make a fake bt1 :-P so not sure if thats the best colour. I like that Dark Red VL thats on this site (too lazy to look it up).
Not keen on pink, purple or black. Don't like black Vls that much :-P
The Car is currently White with rust :-P

12maneym 02-02-11 15:25

mulberry or silverslate

NZ_BT1 03-02-11 13:37

Go yellow :p hehe best colour by far.......

hsvhel 03-02-11 13:41

but be careful, once you paint may never finish it:eek:

NZMike 03-02-11 14:35

I don't mind too much if it takes forever, I still got my Evo4 as my daily :-)

hsvhel 03-02-11 14:50

was refering to the post above

NZMike 03-02-11 15:01

lol i know.

I found a picture of the car
Its a really old one. It has 17" Vy Sv8 wheels now.

NZMike 07-02-11 18:02

Finally got some pictures of the car.

NZMike 26-03-11 18:14

Its mine. Well as of say Thursday. But there is a catch it died today while the owner was driving it. He said it just died while driving and now it won't start. To begin with it would crank and fire up but then die in about 2 seconds. We towed it to my place and now when you crank it, it doesn't fire at all. So I'm guessing it has a problem with the fuel. Just as long as it doesn't cost too much to fix :-P

Chris117 27-03-11 05:51

Looking good dude. Hey did you ever do the clutch in your old vl?? Have you had any luck getting it going? I have a spare afm if you want to try that?

NZMike 27-03-11 07:57

Na never really had a problem with the clutch when I had it, so never worried about it.
I was planning to have a play around with it today but since its raining I might have to wait till sometime during the week :-( Yea any parts we could try would be a help. lol im pretty sure the AFM on the car I sold you came off this vl as we swapped them once when my old vl was having a few problems.

NZ_BT1 27-03-11 09:50

Mike change your profile dont own that car anymore.....fraud!!! :p

UNONT2 27-03-11 11:16

try crank angle sensor

NZ VL com 28-03-11 18:21

will idle with no afm
could be a fuel problem or dirty plugs
if you got spark im sure the cas is ok

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