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Felany 14-09-07 23:39

Felany - My VL turbo
Hey all,
This is my vl that iv'e had for about 2 years now, which I brought from perth. It is an original manual, original turbo SL.
It had 130 000km when i brought it and already had a few mods, since ive had the car iv'e done a few mods such as a bigger intercooler and external gate.

Current mods:

Motor -
Stock internals
Avo stage 2 cam and adjustable cam gear
Holset of a series 4/5 rx7, looks like a t04 though
3inch turbo back zorst wit one muffler, no cat
38mm external gate with screamer pipe
Hybrid front mount with AFM in piping
JD custom plenum
XF throttle body
10mm top gun leads
14 inch thermo fan
White nissan rocker cover
Adjustable fuel pressure reg
Catch can
Battery in boot
Apexi AVCR boost controller

Driveline -
DBA slotted rotors
Rebuilt and shimmed up LSD
4.11 diff gears
18 inch VT GTS rims or
15 inch black interceptors
Lowered Eibech Springs and shocks
Adjustable pan hard rod

Body -
2 pac white paint job
new headlights and indicators
new front bar and trims
berlina tail lights and garnish

Interior -
Retrimmed seats with VT commodore material
Rear venetian
Basic stereo wit sub
2 spitfire gauges
Autometer A/F gauge
Custom trimmed and boxed boot

Stock for now

Future mods -
ECU eithier haltech or microtech
GTR injectors
Bigger fuel pump

This car made nearly 220rwkw at 12psi with stock ECU, Pump, Injectors and reg. But was leaning at anything above 14psi. which is why the next thing i need to do is upgrade the fuel system.

Any comments on the car are welcome
Here are some pics but i will add some more pics later on with the 18's once i buy new tyres for them,

Felany 05-10-08 22:14

Bit of an update, just added a JD custom plenum, xf throttle body, 10mm top guns, apexi avcr, and put the battery in boot. Also got my rims resprayed and new tread.
Next mods will be to respray the engine bay, respray the window surrounds in black, little bit of rust cut out and maybe add some bonnet gauges, there is a pic below, excuse the dirty engine bay, needs a good scrub ay, will post up some more pics in daylight with rims later on

Felany 02-12-08 22:23

Some new photos from the cruise on the 30 - 11 - 08

fmx939 02-12-08 23:27

looking good dude, very clean!

vlt88wa 03-12-08 12:06

nice car dude looks super clean on the cruizee

Weezy 03-12-08 16:03

Can you PLEASE re-mount them two badges on the boot, they're no where near where they should be mounted and its doing my head in lol.

Felany 03-12-08 23:07


Can you PLEASE re-mount them two badges on the boot, they're no where near where they should be mounted and its doing my head in lol.
haha yeah i will be doing that soon, I put them on when i first got the car years ago, realised their in the wrong spot now

Thanks for the comments as well guys

Weezy 04-12-08 07:11

Amongst that mate, Awesome car :D

Felany 30-01-09 11:31

Just added a set off HID headlights, got some 8000K brightness ones, mounted the two ballast boxes in the bay behind headlights, looks sweet at night :)

Weezy 30-01-09 17:14

I'd wanna slam my breaks on if i was driving in front of you :p

That would drive me crazy.

_Calturb 30-01-09 17:31

Alot of things drive you crazy. Personally love this car, so clean and such good power for the boost level, alot more to come by the looks of things

NATE DOGG 30-01-09 18:14

your setup looks nuts!

Felany 25-11-09 23:26

Update time -
Well at the start of november i finaly decided i better start fixing the rust on my vl, the paint is actually pretty good but the windows havent been sealed properly and there was rust bubbles all along the windows.
I've removed the front and rear windows and had all the rust cut out and plated as well as the battery tray cut-out and a few holes in the bay welded up.

Couple pics of rust before and after -

Also got a new bonnet (old one has dent), painting bay, new boot ( old one has holes from wing i removed), and getting a dent fixed in fender. So basically im painting about %50 of the car.
Going to do some more mods to motor aswell whilst body is getting done, so i've made myself a list below, which im currently finding/byin at the moment

Haltech or microtech ecu
14mm o ring fuel rail with 650cc injectors
Bosch 044 and bosch 040 fuel pumps
Garrett 35/40 low mounted on stock manifold
new cooler pipes
Adjustable fuel reg, turbosmart or sx i spose

Aiming for around 450rwhp so should be good when done, will get some more pics up soon once the bay is stripped ready for paint

malpaso 27-01-10 23:06

bump for updates?

Felany 01-02-10 18:51

Well bout time I got around to doin an update so here it is. Last two months have been really lazy with it and haven't done too much but I am getting stuck back into it now.

Stripped the interior/ dash and pulled the fuse rail and loom through into the interior and goin to mount that in the glovebox, with a catch can in old spot of fusebox. Still need to weld up old holes from aircon and loom in the firewall but got old cooler pipe holes welded aswell as a few others. Front and rear window holes have had all rust cut out. Also got a new front window seal and trims.

All the front nosecone and chrome trims around windows are off, still need to source a new quater window surround though. About to take the fenders off to put the headlight looms through them to hide them.

I brought a gt3540r (0.7 front, 0.82 rear) and all braided lines for it off of JNR-GMH on these forums. Welded two 10mm spacers together to get the turbo to clear everything and got some longer studs.
Also got a haltech E8 with full loom ready to go of another user on here and that will all be getting put in once the paint is done.

Removed all the power steering and stuff today.
At the moment the block/head is just sitting in the bay, just need to source an engine crane to get it out and then it is basically ready for paint.
Sorting out a fuel system at the moment, goin to get an 040 internal and 044 external pump along with a billet rail and 660cc siemens injectors.

Couple pics below -

Haltech -

Car as it is now -

Turbo as its goin to sit -

Spacer plate -

Tail light rust removal -

-pumba- 01-02-10 20:29

looks awesome mate. very jealous

Felany 02-02-10 23:29

Thanks man, still got a long way to go until it's how I want it though haha

wpn_vl 16-02-10 22:17

looking good mate :) love the look of gt3582r on standard low mount manifold with the heatshield still on and everything :) good wheel choice to, suit the car perfectly i reckon.

Whitemagic 15-09-10 20:20

Any updates on this car ?

vlwagz 15-09-10 22:10

MINT car mate. good job

Felany 25-10-11 22:13

Well after a year and a half of not even touching the car ive decided to sell it. Motor and box are goin into a new shell im picking up on the weekend. Rolling shell is for sale for 2.5k for anyone interested.

satansLBO 26-10-11 01:19

I used to see you on the way to town in the mornings to bunno from busso.
What is your new ride like?

Felany 30-10-11 23:13

yeah i live in gelorup, just south of bunbury. New one is a blue over silver calais turbo roller, will start another thread for it soon

zaksvl 31-10-11 18:05

jacks previous prject??

Felany 03-11-11 00:55

Yep thats it.

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