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KITTEN_VL 06-06-08 09:03

VLT stolen and burnt out - keep an eye out for parts
As you've probably already heard, this car:

was stolen on Monday 2nd June in the Hobart area, and found like this:

last night.

Unlike most cars stolen and burnt out down here, they actually bothered to strip it - so if everyone could keep their eyes out for parts, and contact Brett if you hear of anything: 0400 182 738

Parts on the car:

Standard T3, Internal Gate & Exhaust/Turbo Inlet Manifold
Bleed Valve - Running 10psi atm
17 x 7 1/2 Alloys, with good 235/45's all round
5 Spd Manual
New Woodgrain Steering Wheel
Front Mount {600 x 300 x 75}
Boost/Temp Gauges

Waughy 06-06-08 09:43

That sucks balls. Would be nice if the thieves were caught and you given an hour in a locked room with them. Keep on the lookout for parts for a few months, they'll probably hold them until things "die down" then try to move them. Or keep an eye out for a VL with new bits, some people are stupid enough to put stolen things on show not long after doing the deed.

LETHAL 06-06-08 18:11

thanks for listing that jess, but its a little old now in the GFB list..

had a GT3540
48mm Pro Gate

totally devistated

Antho 06-06-08 22:13

Thats crap, makes me angry when I see stuff like that.

2rardigga 07-06-08 16:24

theres a crowd on the north coast of tas that have been picking on vls in particular i have heard of three in the last couple of months i have people out there now trying to get there names and addresseone of my mates had some one offer him several 5 sp manual conversions and they wernt a wrecking yard so when i find names and numbers i will let you all know only hve a nickname so far thorphy or could be last name let ya know how i go then me and the boys will go break some bone and reclaim some gear cheers all

LETHAL 07-06-08 17:49

Waughy 07-06-08 18:17

What a sad sight, would bring a few tears to my eyes if it were calais. Interesting the timing cover is still intact, aren't they plastic too? Not sure, my last 6cyl VL was 4 years ago.

WPNVLT 07-06-08 19:08

I wish i never lent you my pro gate now we will see a manual turboed n/a on the road shortly.

freEze_dK 07-06-08 19:19


Originally Posted by WPNVLT
I wish i never lent you my pro gate

man i know you may be mates,, but what you said is just plain stupid.. his car just got stolen and burnt,, not like it was his fault

tassie isn't a big place,, surly you will find them sooner or later

WPNVLT 07-06-08 23:53

[QUOTE=freEze_dK]man i know you may be mates,, but what you said is just plain stupid.. his car just got stolen and burnt,, not like it was his fault

i wasn't being serious lol

_Calturb 09-06-08 19:23

badluck dude hopefully you find the parts for sale.

Did you have an auto brake pedal?

eats 8's 27-06-08 20:44

man thats absolutely bull ****, there has been alot of cars down hobart way that have been getting stolen stripped then burnt out in the last twelve months, happen to one of my mates cars, its a real kick in the ass when some drop kick has nothing better to do than to do that to some ones pride and joy, hope the police track these pricks down.

KITTEN_VL 28-06-08 10:01

I was reading in the paper, I think it might have been yesterday, that they are going to start going over burnt out cars with finer detail - apparently they are aware people are burning them out to try and get rid of DNA, but the article said the police are saying that not all DNA is destroyed in fire.

Mind you though, they also said that the number of cars being burnt out has not increased this year.

But who knows, maybe if they do this they might actually start catching the scum...

LETHAL 02-07-08 23:06

oh ok, would be good to find out names of involved people...

thats the reason why they burn them tho, simply due to DNA... FKERS

WPNVLT 16-07-08 18:49

any news on who took it seen and ****ters with a intercooler latley?

LETHAL 16-07-08 22:34

nope and nope... aint seen or heard of anything that could have once been mine

WPNVLT 18-07-08 18:22

mine either they just both dissaperead i dont really give a **** anymore anyway i got payed out by insurance so its time to get a new car and get over it.

KITTEN_VL 22-07-08 09:18

Yeah cool, I didnt think you had insurance on the car you lost.

Another VL on the way?

LETHAL 22-07-08 22:02

not for me, i am over them now

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