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Adjet 13-02-05 23:45

Another Heads Up!
Anyone located around the frankston area be extra careful with your car, my mates vp 5l ute got stolen, and my bro`s mates vp calais which was his first car and had only had it 3 days. All i know is that there is alot more activity involving car theft in the frankston area, also stretching out to sorrounding areas Mt Eliza, Mornington etc, I also know that alot of people are ready to F$3% these thiefs up so if you Cun*s read these forums remember that the next car you go to steal we are watching! :mad:

bdrftn 14-02-05 08:20

sorry bout your mates cars man. im from patto lakes area but will keep and eye out for them. what color are they??

quikvl 15-02-05 18:51

sh!t....they better not come near dromana...
alot of my mates work or goto tafe in mornington/frankston so i will tell them

Adjet 17-02-05 00:57

the ute was white with walky rims on, but will be in a thousand different pieces now, not sure what colour the calais was, just seems to me like a gang of thieves are doing the rounds lately. just means we have to be extra careful!

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