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MadVK308 24-01-05 17:35

Where you Cairns CT boys at?

Pretty decent car scene up here and some awesome VL's gettin around, So anyone from Cairns put ya hand up........

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

qldvl5spd 25-01-05 21:40

im up in cairns i aint old enough to drive yet :( get my ls next week (hopefully) so then p's in august should my vl roadworthy by then :)

MadVK308 26-01-05 09:16 least theres someone up here....

what u got left to roadworthy on ya car?

qldvl5spd 26-01-05 18:34

hmmmm gotta get front and rear bumpers etc painted, new tyres, possibly radiator, lights, a few other things i cant think of atm. but yeah a fair bit and funds are a issue now :(

ExecTurbo 01-02-05 23:30

hey, Im in cairns, The scene up here is good, most of the cairns cruisers hang around in the street commodores forums... check it out...

Everyone tends to meet up on a thrusday night at Woree maccas (as you no doubt know by now) so if you come along this thursday, all the street commodores guys will be out the back on the grassy area... come by and say g'day..

SICKVL 02-02-05 22:19

hope you came to SC cruise on sunday if not you missed out on a great day about 80 cars what you drive

MadVK308 03-02-05 10:35


Originally Posted by SICKVL
hope you came to SC cruise on sunday if not you missed out on a great day about 80 cars what you drive

Yeah, I went to go however I couldnt get the new carby running right so I got the ****s and didnt go...

I drive a white VK Calais 308, kitted with VX Clubby Mags...probaly seen me cruizin around maybe..

MadVK308 03-02-05 10:39

probably wont be able to make it till next week as doin a bit of work on it at the moment and I really cbf putting it all back together yet

ExecTurbo 11-03-05 23:31

MadVK308 : You go out thrusday nights to maccas at woree? I havent been going recently because of the feds defecting cars etc.. I dont think i've seen your car out b4? I would have noticed it (I have a passion for VK Calais, dont tell my VL..)

Im part of the "crew" that organised the first SC cruise, and we're organising a 2nd cruise for sometime late april.. i think its gonna be the 21st or there abouts.. Hope you can come along..

Anyone understand the beef between and

coastvl 12-03-05 00:24

Long story.

ExecTurbo 12-03-05 00:32

heh.. no doubt...

greenvlt 12-03-05 00:48

anyone know of a dark green calais up there?? and what happened to it??
are u's still racing behind the sh!t farm?/

ExecTurbo 12-03-05 00:53

dont know of it...

People still race behind the **** farm yea... but mostly its just a few blokes doin skids.. not many people race there anymore because stupid whores wander out into the middle of the road to see whats going on...

its ****..

N-VA 18-03-05 12:25

Is there many worked VLT here in Cairns? I've seen a few stock VLT. I've had mine of the road for almost 15mths now and should be on the road in a few weeks?

ExecTurbo 18-03-05 18:56

There is a few VLT's some have a little work done, i know of 2 that are pretty serious...

Cant wait to see your car out mate, by the look of the pic in your avatar, she should be pretty sweet...


sik_m8 29-03-05 18:47

hey im from cairns and i goto maccas on thursday night, cant say i have seen ur vk though... car should b back on the road this week, just got a chip fitted, custom manifolds and new clutch

ExecTurbo 29-03-05 22:02

sik_m8: I dont think i've ever seen your car (if thats your car in your avatar) And i look for VL Turbo's because they rock... (im a bloody victorian... i think vlt's are sex..)

I would have noticed a cooler like that if i had seen it!! :D

I will look out for ya next week and if i see you i'll come say g'day..

sik_m8 30-03-05 06:33

its been off the road 4 a about a month gettn things done 2 it, its at SVS atm getting the comp and dyno tune, hepefully will b bak by this thursday... wat vl turbo do u own

ExecTurbo 30-03-05 23:08

I drive the maroon VLT... Its got gold bumpers, the front bumper is currently unpainted :( but will get a coat of paint soon... Its got rear venetians and rear quater venetians... fully victorian!!.. Rolling chaser rims for that wholesum victoria feel...

She'll be getting a coat of Absynth Yellow paint with Asteroid silver bumpers and black window frames as soon as i can afford it.. mmmm ex-chaser look..

I miss my home... :D can you tell?

MadVK308 31-03-05 00:51

Yeah went out last week for a looksy at maccas, felt like a bit of a toss as I dont know anyone....followed some cars down the southern access road down to the **** pretty funny, obviously alot of skids go down there as the road is pretty marked up!!!

MadVK308 31-03-05 00:53

Yeah sellin my car too if anyone is interested ill be at maccas 31/03 if ya wanna have a look let me know...

ExecTurbo 31-03-05 01:24

MadVK308: Why you selling the VK? Saw your car last thurs, but me and a few mates headed up to trinity beach, bit of a change from **** farm skid action.. :)

how much you asking for the VK?

Edit: MadVK308: If I see you tomorrow night I'll come say g'day.. then you'll know someone.. I was new to the cruise scene here about 2 months ago, and know what its like goin to the **** farm but not knowin anyone.. sux.. so yeah, If I see ya i'll say hi.. likewise, if you see my maroon over gold VL Turbo, come say hi.. I dont bite men... :D :D


MadVK308 31-03-05 01:46

hehe, no worries bro, I more into the cruising rather than sitting around looking at the ricers!!! So you going for a cruise tomorrow night?

With the car, dunno what I'll sell it for yet,..I just want to start another project as I have a nice 304 block which I would love to beef up a bit ( a lot) lol, and I need some money to fund it..

N-VA 31-03-05 11:28

Might come out 4 a look, it's been a while since i've been out in Macas. I'm driving my bro's Black VT SS. Can't miss it, it's the madest VT around. Should have my VL on the road any week now. Been hanging out, i've had it off the road 4 15 months now.

SuperRy 31-03-05 20:48

You could say my new VL is worked ;)

Just getting diff fixed. Be on the Road mid next week :D

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