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88 Chaser 19-03-06 18:24

88 Chaser Bt1
Hey I bought my car almost 3 years ago and wanted to keep it the same as I bought it as we all plan to. After a few little problems like the flywheel exploding and destroying everything in its path like the block, crank, gearbox, and cut the chassis rail it was just one thing after another, I just wanted to go faster and faster. It now makes 306rwkw on pump fuel.
My main aim for the car in the end was to have a tough street car, respectable times at the drags and a car I could drive to and from the track for club sprint races. Let me know what you think.
Here is a list of mods ive made.

Forged and balanced bottom end
Custom steel flywheel.
Port and polish head.
Custom camshaft
Adjustable cam gear.
GT 35/40 on AVO low mount exhaust manifold.
Custom 4 and a half inch front mount cooler.
Custom 2 and a half inch pipes from the turbo to cooler.
Custom 3 inch pipe from the cooler to larger T/B.
Custom 4 inch inlet pipe to turbo with pod in custom air box.
890cc Injectors
2x 044 pumps from surge tank in boot
Rising rate fuel pressure reg.
Link G3 ECU
Standard MX7 gearbox (onto the fourth one now).
Mini spooled VLT diff with standard gears.
3 inch exhaust from exhaust housing back.
Hi flow cat.
AP racing 6 pot calipers 343mm rotors, braided lines on the front. Standard VE calipers on 330mm vented and slotted rear rotors.
Monza bucket seats in the front.
Custom trim by Pro stitch matching front seats
Black carpet.
Three auto meter gauges on the dash.
2x 10 inch subs with 2x Kenwood amps.
Phillips splits front and rear.
Sony x-plode cd head unit.
White VY SS 18” rims with Falken 245/40/18 track tyres.
Custom built coilovers an the front, king springs and bilstein shocks all round.
K-mac camber and castor kit
mile best time 11.20 @ 128mph
Calder 1min 10sec
Winton short track 1 min 10sec
Phillip Island 1 min 57 sec

SirGeo 27-03-06 21:44

very, very sexy! and good to see your not scarred to take it on the track...

WLD-BT1 27-03-06 22:00

Nice clean example of a bt1. Looks mint in the last pic. :)

88 Chaser 31-03-06 18:54

There is no better place to enjoy these cars and their full potential than on a track wether it be drags or circuit racing.

G 31-03-06 20:15

That looks crazy bro. Nice car.

88 Chaser 25-04-06 17:01

Got some new pics coming from Phillip Island sprint and Ill chase up the times aswell, looks like its almost lifting the front wheel around Honda corner in one of the photos.

RJB-223 25-04-06 21:48

Good work, Car is looking mint.....

Whens your next club meet at Sandown ? Might have a browse

88 Chaser 25-04-06 22:10

Next one is Winton, not sure if i can make it yet then Sandown after that. Check out the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club for the dates, come see me if you make it down to one more than happy to say hi.

88 Chaser 22-05-06 19:50


Originally Posted by RJB-223
Good work, Car is looking mint.....

Whens your next club meet at Sandown ? Might have a browse

Next club sprint is at Sandown on the 4th of june (Sunday) Car is getting a bit of work done before then so hopefully should be putting in a better effort than last time when the gearbox gave up on the back straight, got a little grudge match going with a GTIR Paulser and a 70 year old who drives it like hes 20.
Get done and have a look if you can, better yet someone else enter a VL so we can race.

PHS 23-05-06 17:00

jas cars look nuts mate

5spd Calais 29-05-06 16:01

Car looks great mate well done. Good to see another manual lover with good power. We should meet up one day for a club race as i have a very similar setup and would be good to compare cars.


88 Chaser 29-05-06 17:51


Originally Posted by 5spd Calais
Car looks great mate well done. Good to see another manual lover with good power. We should meet up one day for a club race as i have a very similar setup and would be good to compare cars.


Get organised entries in by wednesday or you can enter on the day.

VLT 88 02-06-06 15:15

lookin good jas, i still remember that tunnel with you brett and i... lol!

88 Chaser 02-06-06 15:23

Ha Ha yeah that was a pisser, hows yours running now? I just picked mine up from JPC put one of their cams in and went conservative tune for the track at 320rwkw! They are so good there.

XTC16 02-06-06 15:23

Phat as man, Glad you get it round the track!

RJB-223 04-06-06 11:33

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Saw your car at Sandown today, nice brake ducts :) saw you get towed in, didn’t sound too good, was it a snapped axle ??

Shame it happened so early in the day…..

88 Chaser 04-06-06 17:10

Hey nice photos man, yeah a day to forget for the poor old girl. You should have come say hi. Not to sure at the moment definetly diff and a very good chance on the gearbox as well. So far the thoughts are that the gearbox siezed and the diff went for a ride with it but ill let you know when i can be bothered to drop the oils and see what comes out.

88 Chaser 17-06-06 10:57

Dropped the box and diff out, managed to break them both at once. Getting box re-coed again and diif again, getting fuul re-co on box this time dont want any more hassels from it. Next race wont be until after August as its getting used in my mate wedding.

88 Chaser 11-04-07 19:18

More pics, thanks to prostitch interiors for the fantastic trim.

VLT 88 14-04-07 02:17

wow that interior looks AWESOME! good work jas!

88 Chaser 29-04-07 20:54

342rwkw @jpc
326rwkw @autosalon

Alot more comming

Bouras 29-04-07 22:14

i loved this car ever since i saw it... tuff as!!

engine bay is sleeper as... hey remember this at autosalon
"thats bull****, it doesnt even have a custom plenum"


emmeck 03-07-07 17:57

hey jason did u wanna hook up for a photo shoot let me know

88 Chaser 03-07-07 19:26

Maybe in a few months mate, its off the road more than usuall at the moment getting a few little bits done here and there.

PROGMH 03-07-07 22:00

I heard rumours of 400rwkw with the manual ;)

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