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calaist5 13-11-16 16:38

1d008-d bt1 register
Contained within this thread is Month/ Year cars that I have verified with compliance plates freely available via the internet and that have been sent to me.

I do have more that have been advertised, however with no compliance plates.

I will not disclose any of the data I have with anyone other than (please read below) the Month/ Year that I will update on here in the top post.

AMENDMENT ( I will be sharing data with Craig (Vltwhite1). This will help to add more to this list. If any one has a problem, please pm here or email. I will be contacting those who have already provided there plate or broadcast sheet.

Please feel free to send compliance plates or broadcast sheets of 1D008-D BT1 TURBO only (LW5)
MX7/ MS1 cars to

AUG 86 x3

NOV 86 x1

DEC 86 x2

FEB 87 x4

MAR 87 x4

APR 87 x3

MAY 87 x1

JUN 87 x3

SEP 87 x5

OCT 87 x3

NOV 87 x3

JAN 88 x1

FEB 88 x1

MAY 88 x7

JUL 88 x5

SEP 88 x3

calaist5 01-04-17 17:10

Found another today here on calaisturbo and updated

March 87

Katsa 02-04-17 13:44

There's a lv2 1d008 bt1 on Facebook at the moment, rare as rocking horse sh1t
I know you only want LW5 but just throwing it out there

calaist5 02-04-17 17:27


Originally Posted by Katsa (Post 3073654)
There's a lv2 1d008 bt1 on Facebook at the moment, rare as rocking horse sh1t
I know you only want LW5 but just throwing it out there

Thanks for that.
Sounds cool.

Please send an image to the above email address and I'll add it to the bottom of the list.

calaist5 29-04-17 01:07

Updated today
Added another May 88
Up to 26 cars

calaist5 06-05-17 22:16

Updated today
Added Nov 87
Count = 27

calaist5 13-05-17 21:21

Count = 26

(Reason - I doubled up one on my list)

STAY TUNED, more to come and add to this list soon.

ALSO made amendment to the 1st post (please read - re: Vltwhite1)

calaist5 15-05-17 22:56


Total count = 38

More to come (just waiting on confirmation from another member).

Also thank you to the other member that contributed over a dozen.

calaist5 18-05-17 17:59

Added July 88

Total count = 39

calaist5 24-05-17 16:16

Added Mar 87
Count = 40

One more to come hopefully (waiting on permission).

calaist5 15-07-17 20:33

Added Sep 87
Count = 41

calaist5 17-08-17 23:44

Added Feb 87 x 2 cars
Count = 43

Thank you to the member that sent these in.

calaist5 21-08-17 22:24

Added May 88 car
Count = 44

---------- Post added 22-08-17 at 16:53 ----------

Added July 88 Car
Added June 87 Car

Count = 46

calaist5 26-10-17 23:07

Added SEP 88 car

Count = 47

calaist5 10-07-18 15:24

Added May 88 car today (thanks DeanoVlct)

Total count = 48 official

deanoVLCT 10-07-18 17:11

Anything for you daveo my main man

calaist5 18-07-18 18:10

Added another car (May 88)

Total count 49 officially (unconfirmed 50).

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