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2rismo 11-07-09 16:27

Maatouk goes 8.007
@ 174mph

That is all :)

patch 11-07-09 16:30

congrats anth

getting ever so close to that 7

GMHBT1 11-07-09 16:38

thats awesome news well done matouks your nearly there move over boostn and trp.

any other quick vls racing.

JET-086 11-07-09 16:45

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa unreal anth, well done!!!!!!!!!!

xchser 11-07-09 16:46

Pac Vl also went 174mph pretty sure

[SLY.747] 11-07-09 16:47

still with the g-force?

crazy time thats for sure!

rsn-wpn 11-07-09 16:51

congradulations hope to see 7's soon

Woggster 11-07-09 16:52

crazy time :D ... that 7 must be comming soon :D

2rismo 11-07-09 17:07

Joe Meake - 8.25 and 8.33 - 174.8mph <--- Joe owns the mph record.

1.300 sixty-foot for Anth on the 8.007.

SLVRBULET 11-07-09 18:10

thats fast well done champ!

PNP 11-07-09 18:10

Congratulations to Anthony & everyone at Maatouks... Its only a matter of time that he will dip into the 7 bracket..

Also a massive thumbs up to Joe - fastest mph, just need some traction now :) Is he bringing it to Jamboree???

lil_timmy 11-07-09 18:19

go do a sh!t before the run anth

sohc2 11-07-09 19:10

Fu k yeah Anth!!!

So fu king close its not funny.

Maatouks Maatouks Maatouks ;)

bigpsi 11-07-09 19:18

Nice work Maatouks :) ever so close

GMH-JC 11-07-09 19:27

Congrats on the time guys. Very impressive

RB30-POWER 11-07-09 19:32

sohc almost in the 7's.

nice work.

ANK 11-07-09 19:45

not bad not bad ;) i wounder what another 10 psi will do

for those that dont no the car had a massive crack today singing like michael jackson only issue was it was bogging out the hole

[T]Matty 11-07-09 19:46

would that be the second fastest run ever?

-Post Edited

VLT 88 11-07-09 19:58

fark yeah! good work!

exchaser 11-07-09 20:44

why, I highly doubt they need the advertising..they get plenty of exposure in all the mags..

Who on here doesn't already know who Maatouks are... ;)

I guess consistantly slamming times and fronting up at the track pays for something..

Congrats on the time.. 7's in no time...

SirGeo 11-07-09 22:31

Well done to Maatouk's and crew.. O so close to breaking into the magic 7's.

JET3LT 12-07-09 00:06

what a day,

1st pass of the day car bogged off the line then came home for a 8.81 @171mph
2nd pass of the day bogged again and jus rolled it home for a 14.7 @84 mph LOL
3rd pass of the day the car finally decided to work and sixty foot (thank god coz we were jus about to start kicking the car in if it didnt) and steamed trained home for a 8.007 @174mph (big celebrations LOL)
4th pass (snuck in line LOL) the pass were we thought this is it, but guess wat ladies and gentlemen the car decided to bogg again off the line and NOT take off so it rolled home for a 14.0 @71 mph LOL
5th pass, yep thats right ladies and gents THE 5TH PASS (we snuck in line again hehe were good ay?) guess wat???? it bogged off the line AGAIN but powerd home after hitting boost for a 8.71 @171mph

So everyone in the crew especially anth are over the moon with wat the car has acheived, anthony says the cars got a little bit more in it and if we could race tommorow he would be out trying to fix the 2step to get the car to sixty foot again

Also a big congrats to VicJET30R one tuff car 8.7@ 160mph

Also a big congrats to Joe KILARB Also one tuff car 8.2@174mph

and last but not least also a big congrats to those quiet achievers MOTORTECH RACING as there new car 1st meeting out runs 9.5, 9.0, then finally a 8.9@ 154mph (correct me if im wrong) keep it up boys

SRBMUU 12-07-09 09:17

well done anth thats an awesome time and mph cant wait till it goes into the 7's

Raptor 12-07-09 10:51

Well done Anth, thats absolutely crazy! Anyone get a video?

CLNGMH 12-07-09 11:10

Shiit, 8sec these dayz are the new 9's.

I won't say well done to Maatouks untill they go 7. coz why congrates when there not done yet. hahaha

Top effort.

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