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osk 24-10-08 20:31

Wat happened to the QLD section??
ok so i log on here nearly everyday and have a browse around in the vl turbo section, members section etc

Now i USED to pay a fair bit of attention to the qld section but lately i think it has really gone to ****

I have been a member on here for 5 years or so and in that time things have gone downhill rapidly, EVERYONE used to get along sure enough we would all give each other **** but it was all in good fun...

Ill rattle of a few of the qld names and kinda wonder where they gone to??

Jet Pilot
MY88VL haha
DVS 86
scoota_vlt ( well i know wat happened to him )
Fresh VL
Tempest ( where the **** is grant )
SUS 31 ( i still see him occasionally )

I know people sell cars and move on but seriously some of the early "exchaser" cruise were the best days ive had on this forum!!!

So wat happened??

CLNGMH 24-10-08 20:51

Fresh vl, julian i speck to abit.

Grant, i call him cobweb's, but still speck to him heaps.

Im more worrie's about andy.

And at the end of the day osky, people move on mate.


osk 24-10-08 20:54

im not talking about people moving on im talking about peoples attitudes towards each other more then anything !

CLNGMH 24-10-08 20:59


I don't read into all that shiit ay, but you would have seen it all osky since you been on here for so long.

Beat's me....

MAX PSI 24-10-08 21:07


Originally Posted by CLNGMH
Fresh vl, julian i speck to abit.

Grant, i call him cobweb's, but still speck to him heaps.

Im more worrie's about andy.

And at the end of the day osky, people move on mate.


Dont worry about andy,He is trying to go fast lol bring it andy

osk 24-10-08 21:08

yeah i know where andy is,, he is lurking in the background somewhere trying to scam some free **** off someone lol

MAX PSI 24-10-08 21:13

ya he would get more free stuff but he needs to learn to hand me down rule first..

exchaser 24-10-08 21:22

LOL.. hahahha.. andy ? hand me downs... LOL

osky.... hes been over my place about 3 times in the last 2 weeks drinking everything in the fridge and leaving with single malts and cartons.. hahah

Im trying to dig up a few sik pics from back in the day... ;)

osk 24-10-08 21:26

yeah whenever he comes over i take the piss out of my fridge and hide all the cool stuff in my shed so he can't put his greasy hands all over it lol

CLNGMH 24-10-08 21:33


Originally Posted by osk
yeah i know where andy is,, he is lurking in the background somewhere trying to scam some free **** off someone lol

Amen osk, amen.

He properly niked someone's copy of zoom this month too.


cmy747 25-10-08 00:39

haahahhaahaa..............osk you big skirt, i hardly ever read CT anymore....doesn't seem to be as much interesting stuff on here as there used to be, either that or i've gotten older & couldn't be stuffed with the whole VL scene

exchaser 25-10-08 00:47

i just dug up a few old pics.... funny, seems like so long ago...
this was before OGRE was OGRE and 86GMH still drove the right way up ;) lol
one for you stevo ;)
the old VLT87
chek this hackjob out lol
the sus munga... lol

I'll ***in find some more if i keep looking.. need to get hold of some of the movies from mt mee..

Ohh yeah...

not much different to 4 years ago Col.. LOL chop chop mate....

OVL087 25-10-08 01:12

hahahaha oska u know me too well

i love u though

havent got any free **** for a while , except beers at ollies

geez col , i didnt know u even had an engine for that car , not that i could see the engine bay these days for the 2ft thick layer of dust

hahaha chop chop matey :)

there will be hydro powered 7sec street car vl turbos before urs is running.

Tempest 25-10-08 08:44

bitaches! yeah, i dont come on much anymore, I'm just kinda over it, car is pretty much moth-balled, only drive it once every 4-5 weeks.

CLNGMH 25-10-08 08:45

Your old girl sit beat me grant.

Still going strong.

Tempest 25-10-08 08:48

hahaha, yeah, that was fun. but only till you tune yours again and put more boost in it.

osk 25-10-08 09:42

see it doesn't take much for everyone to come out of the wood work haha

and there has to be heaps more old pics kicking around, like when andy's car was beige haha and i have my white vl!!

freEze_dK 25-10-08 09:49

shit sorry to invade in your hood guys lol
what happened to that red vl? is that the 1 also pictured above it?

osk 25-10-08 10:54

yeah its the same car i dunno the story behind it though, im gunna try dig up some old school pics aswell

JVL87 25-10-08 14:31

haha the red car was owned by a dude named Matt who got a bit extreme at Mt Glorious I think, or he was cut off by a truck, I can't remember. I do remember buying the wreck though, and putting heaps of bits on my first VL from it haha good times.
The white calais up there (716 GCD) below 06CAL was owned by's black now and for sale on here...those guys were cool...had a few mad Calais'.
haha I laughed when i saw that purple thing with the fr19's...that's the car that ranga **** used to own hey hahaha funny ****er.
I hear Jet Pilot (Mikey) is recently engaged and still trying to sell his VR haha but I'm not sure.
Has anybody seen or know what the go is with my old calais ?
I haven't seen it since the day I sold it...


also, who gives a **** about my88vl hahaha jks
yeah i also remembered that DVS 86 dude didn't he have a big accident? did anyone ever hear if he ended up recovering alright?
Isn't OGRE like a lawyer now I swear he still has his car haha
Jeffo was the maddest but I guess he got over it...lots of fun stuff happened back in the night ever was ollie losing his license and the airport afterwards I reckon haha driftin the roundabout and side by side off the clockage on lomandra drive...ridiculous lol. what happened to that gold calais with the plates ARN15 or something like that?

exchaser 25-10-08 15:26

Hey grant... looking back now... would u go side by side like we did that night again ?? lol...

I rekon the reason we look back at this **** and think its so good now is because in the time from then until now.. we're all alot wiser and we take less risks and so we dont do as much sik crazy **** anymore cause its harder to get a kick out of it these days because unlike back then, we actually weigh up all the consequences of our actions before we do things.. lol

rip up some more pics osk.....

osk 25-10-08 15:37

the purple vl with the fr's was actually my mates and not the car your thinking of jay, those photos were taken in my back yard when i was selling it for him... ill try get some more !!

FATMAN 25-10-08 15:37

ahh seeing that sus engine bay brings back some memories. is that osk doing the skid in the wagon picture?? i still see SUS 31, all he has left is the Autronic ECU and his engine, and rumours that he has bought his SUS 31 number plates back. All his parts from the wagon are floating around brisbane on other peoples cars these days. Hope to see the SUS 31 wagon back in action some day in the future.

exchaser, i finally got some of those spark plugs, Supercheap came through in the end and ordered them direct from NGK, cheers.

exchaser 25-10-08 16:07

ahh good to hear man.. yeh i knew u'd be able to get them thru supercheap.. but like always, you have to filter thru some of the ****ty staff before u get hold of someone who knows the difference between a torque wrench and a seat cover ;)

Jays thinkin of NUT 56... old mate brians old car. lol he was a funny ****er too

815HUB 25-10-08 16:13

Im lovin these old pics. any of you fellas have any pics of the old 80MVL i think its plates were? His name was dave something. I remember andy asking me if my car was the old 80MVL (which it is) and i always wondered what gave it away?

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