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Antho 02-12-12 13:49

Welding advice
Hey guys,

I've decided I don't want a sunroof in my project VL anymore so I need it to be welded up.

Has anyone done this sort of job before or know of anybody who has welding skills.

I was thinking of getting a roof off another VL for a start and let the welder pick a piece out or whatever's easier for them.

Any ideas / experiences / suggestions?


aus880 02-12-12 14:03

I'd replace the whole roof with another rather than welding up the hole

Antho 02-12-12 14:41

yeah thats what I was thinking also, but you'd want a good welder to get it spot on

FATMAN 02-12-12 18:06

prob be cheaper to sell the whole car and buy another without a sunroof, or if you do decide to go ahead with it, i've got a VL wreck here u can cut the roof off for $50, but i see no problem with just welding a plate in where the old sunroof used to be, my mate has done it before on a honda prelude with a rusted out/leaking sunroof, came up mint, i was really impressed, i dont think a shop could of done a better job. (he has welding experience from building trailers)

Antho 02-12-12 20:47

Thanks Fatman, I have considered a new shell, but I have invested a lot of time and money already into this car smoothed engine bay etc, plus bought it because it was a genuine Calais and already straight as an arrow bar 1 dent in the quarter panel.

The VL roofs are pretty flimsy as is so I don't see how welding in a new section of roof could hurt as long as I can find a decent welder. If anything I think they'll do a better job than stock.

Now to find a welder.

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