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caibs 11-09-10 15:24

2010/11 Whoopass Wednesday/Drag Season Discussion
as you all know, the 2010 racing season is now open and i'm itching to see if i can break into that elusive 17 second zone.

so i'm gonna take the old girl down the track next week and see how she goes. i invite anyone and everyone to join me, you've had all winter to tinker and now its time to see if it was all worth it.

let me know if you're down, i'll see youses there!

Mattuz 11-09-10 15:27


malpaso 11-09-10 15:28


i was thinking about it aswell id love to see what number i could pull, annd it would be rad if we could get bulk vl's down for at least one

could use a couple of stockies though

VLWAGONIT 11-09-10 15:43

get your own stockes!!!!

If i can get my pos going with tghe currentg setup ikl tgake it down for a few runs.

leb vlt 11-09-10 16:10


Originally Posted by VLWAGONIT (Post 2583115)
get your own stockes!!!!

If i can get my pos going with tghe currentg setup ikl tgake it down for a few runs.

haha loving the ENGRISH!!

_vendetta 11-09-10 16:20

thats not engrish, jack just had too much meth this mornin.

Oliver 11-09-10 16:29

Title changed/stickied for the season :)

VLWAGONIT 11-09-10 16:46

ffs. i was at wrk all morning and i had gloves i NEVER spell check

TheChad 11-09-10 17:00

i will most certainly be hitting the track at some point between now and march.

im thinking my 400rwhp+slicks+5speed manual is a setup that can do a decent 11

im also thinkin that me driving my 400rwhp+slicks+5speed manual should do a decent 13 lol.

ill be down testing a few nights me thinks. would ideally like to get close to an 11, just got to get the shifting right and iron out the bumps.

rb25vlt8 11-09-10 17:29

Il be there in 2 weeks hopefully with the new setup I'm hoping for an 12 on street tyres if I get traction

VLWAGONIT 11-09-10 18:04

chace up a set of slicks davo

ink 11-09-10 19:48

i have 300 reasons at the wheels to come down and run times...sometime this season!

gold 11-09-10 20:50

i will give it a go just for the hell of it,
has anyone else ran there N/A 6 down the strip?

Steve 11-09-10 21:10

yeah my berlina na 6 ran a 16

rb25vlt8 11-09-10 22:22

Il even do a pass in the turbo 200 series to see if I
can make it in the top 30 vlt times

caibs 12-09-10 02:10

well i liked my topic title better but ay. whatever goes right.
alex i want to see you an your 300 reasons on wednesday. no excuses champ!
mattuz i have some 225's with decent rubber you can absolutely shred if you come down this wednesday. hit me up a pm if you want to grab em.
gold, jack & jack, just come down. its 45 bucks well spent. and theres no time like the present.

this wednesday boys, its set in stone. unless the **** rains of course.[COLOR="Silver"]

TheChad 12-09-10 06:51

haha man, believe me theres not much more that i would rather than to give it a good shred down at the track. i will be there very soon and no doubt rattling on to all you guys to come too. i work wednesdays, its our biggest night, so i have to plan ahead. i've been looking forwards to running it at the track but before i do i need to do a few i've got a list of a few more things i need done before it can propperly hit the track. should be utterly disapointing for all involved the first few outings but cant wait to see how it goes and where it needs work.

ink 12-09-10 13:33

i would like to come down this wk but im snowed in with Uni and work again, hit me up with a pm on how your runs were caibs...

Mattuz 12-09-10 20:39

im gonna go this wednesday but just to spectate

cbf blowing up my gearbox haha

VLWAGONIT 12-09-10 21:48

il be down there this wed night for a look, rat is parked up atm due to un know mechanical issues

Xibit0r 12-09-10 21:57

Thinking about bringing the gemini up for a wednesday and do some skids... might run it down the 1/4 to.

Anyone got an up to date list of what that scrutineer for?

vlbt88 14-09-10 22:39

who is coming tomorrow down the 1/4?

gold 14-09-10 22:43

cant make it tomoro, having a sickie and dont wana run into the shop manager!

VLWAGONIT 14-09-10 22:56

im coming down for a look

---------- Post added 15-09-10 at 17:40 ----------

just got in a there is a nice looking blue over silver ct but thats it sofar. Whos coming down?

vlmenzy 15-09-10 23:42

i was stoked to see two vl turbos down there :) and that orangy ls1 calais , good to see something other than a ve on the strip haha

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